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Adding video conferencing to a scheduler template
Adding video conferencing to a scheduler template

Automatically generate conferencing links for Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom with your scheduler!

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After you connect a video conferencing service, your schedulers will have the option to automatically generate a unique link each time an appointment is booked.

The conferencing link will be shown to the client once their appointment is confirmed, added to the calendar event, and can be included in confirmation and reminder emails!

Conferencing can be turned on or off for each scheduler template, so you can control which appointments will generate a link.

Before you add conferencing to your schedulers:

Add the conferencing link smart field to your confirmation and reminder emails

Before turning conferencing on for a scheduler template, add the appointment conferencing link smart field to any canned emails used for the appointment confirmation and reminders. This way, the conferencing link will be included in the email sent to the client!

Find the smart field under Smart Field > Appointment > Appointment Conferencing Link.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... You may also wish to include the Smart Field > Appointment > Add to Calendar Link so that the client has a way to create an event on their own calendar.

Here's what the confirmation email will look like on the client's end:

You can update the default Appointment Confirmed and Appointment Rescheduled emails under Templates > Canned Emails > Edit Templates.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... If you will only be adding conferencing to some of your schedulers, consider creating custom confirmation emails instead of using the default.

β›” Heads up! Updating the default Appointment Confirmed email will immediately change the confirmation email for any schedulers where you did not set a custom confirmation email. Updating the default Appointment Rescheduled email will apply to all schedulers in your brand β€” there is no custom option for individual schedulers.

Add video conferencing to a scheduler template

To add video conferencing to a scheduler template, all you need to do is check the box for Add video conferencing. It's on the Basic settings tab, below the Location field.

You can leave the Location field empty or give your clients a heads up that a link will be provided. The Location field is visible on the scheduler, but the conferencing link will only be generated and shown to the client on the confirmation page after booking.

The conferencing link will always be included in the confirmation email sent to you, the business owner. It will also be added to the event on your calendar.

Find the conferencing link for each meeting

The conferencing link will always be included in the confirmation email sent to you, the business owner, and in the calendar event exported to your external calendar. You can also find the link by going to the Appointments tab of the project where the appointment was booked:

Or by clicking on the appointment from the Calendar page:

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