If you invited a multi-user to join your brand and they didn't receive an email, don't worry! We have an easy fix 🙂

Solution #1: Verify that the correct email address was entered.

Head to Settings >> Multi-user and look at the table of users invited to join your brand. Double check the correct email address was used! If the email address was incorrect, just click the trash can icon to revoke the invitation and send a new one to the correct address.

Solution #2: Ask the invitee to create a free Dubsado account and log in.

The invite to join your brand will also work if the person you invited logs in to a Dubsado account under the same email address. So even if the invite got lost in a junk folder, your new multi-user will still be able to join!

  1. If the invitee already has a Dubsado account: ask them to log in to their account and go to https://hello.dubsado.com/brand/list to accept the invitation.

  2. If the invitee does not have a Dubsado account: ask them to sign up for a free account using the same email address you used for the invite at https://hello.dubsado.com/user/signup. They will be able to accept the invitation when they log in to their new account.

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