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How to update your login email and password.

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Updated Jun 6, 2023

You can sign up or log in to Dubsado in one of two ways — using an email and password or single sign-on (SSO) with Google.

If you want to switch from email and password to Google SSO, read our article.

In this article:

Change your name in Dubsado

The name entered is used throughout Dubsado and corresponds to the name your emails are sent as in brand settings.

  1. Go to Settings >> Login settings.

  2. Click Change name to edit your name.

  3. Click Save to save changes.

Change your email

Change your login email and password. If you don’t see the ability to change your email, then you may have signed up with Google single-sign on (SSO). Read our article on changing from Google SSO to an email and password.

Change your password

  1. Go to Settings >> Login settings.

  2. Click Change password.

  3. Enter your current and new password.

  4. Click Save.

Unable to log in

If you're unable to log in, double-check the following:

  • Clear browser cache and cookies.

  • Turn off browser extensions.

  • You’re using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

  • Use another network to see if the issue is due to a bad internet connection.

If you're still unable to log in, send us a chat.

BCC me on all outgoing emails

Turn on so an additional copy of all emails sent through Dubsado will also appear in your regular email inbox outside of Dubsado.

Only the brand owner is BCC’d. If you’re a multi-user, you can’t be BCC’d on emails sent through Dubsado.

Heads up! If you open up the email from your regular inbox, Dubsado will mark that email as read by the client.

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