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Branding settings

Upload your logo, change your brand color, and update your contact information.

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Updated Apr 7, 2023

To access the settings for your brand, click the gear icon in the navigation bar. The first tab you’ll see when you open up your settings is the Branding tab.

1. Upload logo

Your logo always appears in the top right corner of your Dubsado account, all invoices, and on the client portal login screen.

Click the pencil icon button to upload an image file. The file must be under 10 MB and in JPG or PNG format.

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For information on adding a logo at the end of email signatures, click here.

2. Brand color

The brand color is used to customize the client-facing elements of Dubsado. It’s the color of all buttons in your emails and forms. It’s also the accent color for the client’s view of the scheduler.

The text color on buttons is always white. See our brand color article for additional information.

3. Brand name

The Name field is the name of your brand or business. It’s the name you will see if you have multiple brands.

4. Business email

The email address you enter here is shown to your clients on all invoices and in the client portal. This setting is just for display — it is not the same as connecting an email account to send emails to clients or get notifications.

5. Phone number

Adding a phone number is optional. Phone numbers are visible to your clients in the client portal and on all invoices.

6. Send email as

When you send emails from Dubsado, choose how clients see your name. Choose between either your first and last name or your business name.

Change your business name on this same page under Name. Change your first and last name under login settings.

7. Address

The address you enter here is visible to your clients on all invoices.

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