Send multiple contracts using sub-agreements
How to add a sub-agreement to a project, customize it, and send it via email.
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Each project can only have one contract, but there is no limit to the number of sub-agreements you can add. We recommend using a sub-agreement for any documents you'd like your client to sign in addition to the main contract.

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Send a sub-agreement

  1. Open the project where you would like to send a sub-agreement.

  2. In the Forms tab, use the dropdown to select a sub-agreement template.

  3. In the preview modal that appears, click Add.

  4. Click Send.

  5. In the email composer that appears, you can edit the text in the email, or you can click the bookmark icon to load a different canned email template instead.

  6. Click Send.

⚠️ Heads up! If you decide to use a different canned email, just make sure it includes the form link smart field.

Edit a sub-agreement before sending

Sub-agreements are great for asking your client to sign off on a design proof. Since each client's proof will be different, you'll need to edit the sub-agreement on the project to personalize it before sending. The changes you make will not affect your master template.

If you need to edit your sub-agreement before sending, click Edit in the preview modal after adding the contract to the project.

If you no longer see the preview modal, go to the Forms tab inside the project and click Edit on the sub-agreement.

Send a copy of a contract to another party to sign

Since contracts can only accept the signature of one client, we recommend sending a copy of the contract as a sub-agreement to each additional client on the same project that needs to sign.

  1. Go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. Hover over the contract template you'd like to copy and click the duplicate icon.

  3. Click and drag the copy of the contract to the Sub-Agreements column.

  4. Return to the project.

  5. In the Forms tab, use the dropdown to select the sub-agreement template.

From here, follow steps 3-6 in the section above to add the sub-agreement to the project and send it to the client. When the email composer appears, you can remove the client's email and replace it with a different email address. This will allow you to send the sub-agreement to someone other than the client to sign.

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