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Contracts vs. sub-agreements
Contracts vs. sub-agreements
Not sure whether to use a contract or a sub-agreement? Check out our guidance and examples.
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Contracts and sub-agreements are special Dubsado form types that can be signed electronically. Use them anytime you'd like to make a legally-binding agreement with your client.

Each project can only have one contract, but there is no limit to the number of sub-agreements you can add. The contract is usually the primary agreement, while sub-agreements are used for any additional documents that need to be signed.

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Each project can have only one contract. The contract will be your primary agreement with the client and will likely outline all the terms of working together. It is added to the project sidebar.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... contracts can be attached to proposals to create a streamlined booking experience for new clients.


A sub-agreement can take an electronic signature just like a contract, but you can have as many as you'd like on a project. Sub-agreements behave like other forms and are added to and sent from the Forms tab of the project.

Here are some examples of when you might use a sub-agreement:

  • Photo release

  • Liability waiver

  • Design/print proof approval

  • Contract addendum, cancellation or renewal

  • Non-disclosure agreement

  • Client accountability pledge

  • Copy of a contract for an additional party to sign

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