Test sign a contract as the client
Hint: use an incognito browser window!
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The best way to check if you're doing something correctly in Dubsado is to test it! We encourage you to set up a test project and add a contract to experience it from the client's point of view.

There are two ways to double check your contract before you share it with a client.

Option #1: Email the contract to yourself from a sample project

This option is ideal for testing the full experience of sending the contract to your client.

  1. Create a test project with yourself as the client.

  2. Add and send a contract through the project to yourself.

  3. Log out of Dubsado.

  4. Open the contract from the link in the email you receive.

Dubsado is able to recognize you as the business owner (and won't let you sign as the client) if you are still logged in, so be sure to log out completely while you're testing. Alternatively, open the link on a separate device where you aren't logged in.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... instead of logging out of Dubsado, you can open the link in the email using an incognito or private browser window, like Option #2 below!

Option #2: Use an incognito or private browser window

The second method for testing is to open the form in a private window in your internet browser, also known as an incognito window. Doing this hides the fact that you are logged into Dubsado and opens the content as if you were using a separate computer.

  1. In a Dubsado project, click on the down arrow next to the Contract heading in the project side bar and select Preview.

  2. Click Copy Link.

  3. In the file menu of your web browser, select an option for New Incognito Window (Chrome) or New Private Window (Firefox, Safari).

  4. Paste the link into the new incognito/private browser window that opens.

Now you'll be viewing the contract exactly as your client will see it when they open it on their own computer!

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