Payment schedules are perfect ways to invoice a full amount to a client, but allow a sent timeline for your client to pay you. With payment schedules you can even set auto reminders to go out before the due amount and after if it is not paid. Never miss a payment or have to keep following up with clients. Dubsado can do that all for you.
First things first.  Let's set up a template payment schedule so you can easily add to jobs later.  

  2. On that page, click ADD NEW PAYMENT SCHEDULE and enter the name you'd like it to be
  3. Then ADD A NEW DATE.  This is where you will build out your first item in the payment schedule which is usually your deposits.  

You can set either set a RELATIVE DATE to before job, after job, after applied to invoice, or after contract is signed.  Or a FIXED DATE.  (This probably applies more to specific invoices and not a general template like this) You get options with the amount as well.  FIXED amount (ex: $500) or PERCENTAGE amount (ex: 20%)

4.  Now add any reminders you want to go out with this first payment schedule action by clicking ADD REMINDER.  Add an already-made canned email if you want, or create a new one by clicking ADD TEMPLATE.  If you want more than one reminder, click ADD REMINDER again. When you are all done with that first item in the schedule, click APPLY on that pop up.

5.  PERFECT.  You got your first item in the payment schedule in.  Go through those same steps to add the reminder of the payment schedule in.  

6.  Once done, just click SAVE on the overview page:

NOW... Let's apply that TO a job! Go into a job you want to add it on!


2.  Now just click the payment schedule you want and it gets applied to the invoice.

3.  That's all there is to it.  

Do I need to set up any reminders in my WORKFLOW?
No, payment Schedule reminders or past due emails are not sent in workflow, rather only in Payment Schedules. So plan everything regarding payments here.
What if I already have a payment applied to that invoice?
If you already have a payment applied to that invoice and are applying a new payment schedule, it will divide out the payment accordingly.


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