A Dubsado invoice does not have a due date by default, but you can add one with a payment schedule. A payment schedule breaks down an invoice total into one or more installments and sets a due date for each one.

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Build a payment schedule template

A payment schedule can be created as a template so that it's easy to apply to any invoice. To create a new payment schedule template:

  1. Go to Templates >> Payment Schedules.

  2. Click Add Payment Schedule.

  3. Give your template a name that describes the payment schedule, like "50/50" and click Ok.

The instructions below will walk you through how to set up one of the most common payment schedules:

  • first 50% due upfront when the contract is signed

  • remaining 50% due 30 days later

  1. Click New Due Date.

  2. In the modal that appears, click Relative under Due Date.

  3. Set the relative due date to "0 days after contract signed by client."

  4. Select Percentage under Amount and enter 50.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click New Due Date again and repeat steps 1-5. This time, set the relative due date to "30 days after contract signed by client."

  7. When finished, click Save on the right-hand side.

This is what your 50/50 payment schedule template should look like when you're finished:

Learn more about setting up payment schedules:

Apply a payment schedule to an invoice

After creating a payment schedule template, you can apply it to any invoice.

  1. Open an invoice.

  2. Click the Payment Schedule dropdown.

  3. Select the payment schedule you'd like to apply.

If you need to adjust the dates or amounts, click on the gear icon next to the scheduled payment you'd like to adjust.

👋 Here's a tip... just like any other Dubsado template, once a payment schedule is applied to an invoice, you can make changes without affecting your master template. This also means that you are free to delete old payment schedule templates you no longer use without affecting existing invoices.

When your client views the invoice, they will see the payment schedule at the bottom. If you have connected a payment processor, the client will be able to click the Pay Now button for any scheduled payment or for the entire invoice total.


Does a payment schedule automatically remind my client when payment is due?

You can add automated payment reminders to each scheduled payment if you'd like to automatically email to your client around the due date. If you do not set up any reminders, the client will not be notified when payment is due.

Will a payment schedule allow my client to enroll in automatic payments?

No, each payment in the schedule must be made manually by the client. Clients do have the option of enrolling in autopay on a recurring invoice, and you can check out the differences between payment schedules and recurring invoices here.

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