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Upload a PDF of a signed contract

Great for signed paper contracts or PDFs of signed contracts from another system.

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Updated Aug 8, 2023

Upload PDFs of your signed contracts from another system into your client’s project in Dubsado. Dubsado can save PDF files up to 8 MB.

To upload a PDF as a contract:

  1. Save the signed contract as a PDF file on your computer.

  2. Go to Projects and select your client’s project.

  3. In the project sidebar, use the dropdown under Contract and scroll down to Upload PDF file as signed contract.

  4. In the popup that appears, click Select PDF file or drag and drop your PDF file.

  5. Click Add in the upper right corner to save your PDF.

Uploading a contract won’t send your client any automated completed contract emails.

If you originally sent a Dubsado contract to your client, but your client printed it out to sign, you'll need to remove the contract from the project before you can upload the signed copy. To do this, click the dropdown arrow next to Contract and select Remove.

Can I upload an unsigned PDF?

You can upload an unsigned PDF contract — however, the uploaded PDF is a read-only file, so your clients won’t be able to e-sign using Dubsado.

We do offer a free form re-creation service where our team can turn up to 10 outside forms into Dubsado forms for free! To use this service, email your forms to Please allow 3-4 business days for recreation.

Please keep in mind that we can’t recreate government documents.

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