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Updated Aug 11, 2023


You have a form template in one brand that you'd like to move or copy to one of your other brands! Maybe you'd like to use the same form in both brands, or you just created the form in the wrong brand by mistake.

Solution: Reach out to our team!

It's not possible to move form templates from one brand to another on your own, but our team is happy to help! Just send us a chat from inside your account or send an email to and include:

  • the name of the brand where the form template is currently saved

  • the name of the brand where you'd like the form template copied to

  • the name(s) of the form(s) you'd like copied (up to ten at a time)

That's it! We will copy the form templates over and let you know when they are in the other brand. A copy of the form template will remain in the brand it originated from.

We do have a few policies in place so that this can remain a smooth process for both you and our team (effective August 2022):

We will only copy form templates between two brands under the same owner.

In order to protect the content you create in Dubsado, we will only copy forms between two brands with the same owner. We will not copy forms between two brands if they have different owners.

If you are a multi-user on someone else's brand, you can make a copy request as long as the form is going from brand to brand under the same brand owner. We will not copy a form from a brand you own into a brand that is owned by someone else, even if you're a multi-user on that brand.

We will verify the ownership of both brands before fulfilling each request.

Requests are limited to a maximum of ten (10) form template copies per day.

Copying a form template from one brand to another is taken care of by a real human on our Customer Care team! Forms must be copied over one at a time, so we appreciate your patience and ask that you limit your request to ten per day.

Other types of templates and data cannot be copied between brands.

Only form templates are eligible for copying between brands at this time. Workflows, canned emails, packages, payment plans, etc. cannot be copied between brands. Projects, client profiles, invoices, completed forms, and other types of data are also not eligible for copying or transferring between brands.

If you have another type of template that you'd like to use in another brand, the best way to copy it over is to re-create it from scratch in the other brand.

We will not copy form templates between brands to facilitate commercial transactions.

In order to provide the best possible service for all of our customers, we cannot assist you in copying forms between brands to fulfill orders for form templates you are selling. The only way to fulfill such an order is to manually re-create the form in another user's brand from scratch after they give you multi-user access. We suggest selling graphics that could be used in a Dubsado form as an alternative!

Our future plans include building a vibrant template marketplace where users can purchase Dubsado templates and even offer templates for sale! We aren't able to provide an estimate on when our template marketplace will be available yet, but it is something to look forward to in the years to come.

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