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Connect your email account with Google
Connect your email account with Google

If you sign in through Google to access your email, you can connect your account to Dubsado.

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Updated Feb 15, 2024

Connecting a Google email to Dubsado works for anyone with a Google account, including custom domain emails set up for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

Step 1: Connect your Google email

To connect your Google email to Dubsado:

  1. Go to Settings > Emails.

  2. Click Sign in with Google.

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  3. Select your Google account.

  4. Follow the prompts to finish setting up the integration.

Your Dubsado account is now set up to send and receive emails from clients using your connected email address!

Step 2: Set up SPF and DKIM

Setting up SPF and DKIM helps your email provider recognize that any emails sent through Dubsado are legitimate. In other words, both help reduce your emails from going into spam.

Whether or not you’ll need to set up SPF or DKIM depends on whether you use a custom domain email.

You don’t use a custom domain email

If you are using an email that ends with, then setting up SPF and DKIM is done automatically through Google. There is no action you need to take!

You use a custom domain email through Google Workspace

If you are using a custom domain email (, you will need to set up SPF and DKIM. This is crucial to prevent your emails from being marked as spam by providers such as Google or Yahoo as part of their efforts to enhance email security and authenticity.

To set up SPF, follow Google’s help article to create or update an SPF record or you can follow our help article on adding an SPF record if you run into an SPF verification error.

To set up DKIM, follow Google’s help article to configure and enable DKIM. Please note that setting up DKIM is done solely through your Google account — you won’t be prompted to set up DKIM from Dubsado.

👋 Here’s a tip… For troubleshooting, see our article on common invalid SPF record error messages.

Step 3: Test that your email is connected to Dubsado

  1. Go to Utilities > Address Book.

  2. Add a test client with your email in the email address.

  3. Go to the Emails tab.

  4. Click Send message to send a test email.

  5. Verify if you get the email in your regular inbox outside of Dubsado.


Can I connect an alias email address instead of my primary email address?

You can only connect a primary email address and not an alias email. This is because Dubsado can’t connect an email address that doesn’t have a password associated with the email.

I’m not seeing my client's replies in Dubsado.

If you’re not seeing your client’s replies in Dubsado, double-check the following:

  • Your client’s email is listed in Utilities > Address book. Only emails from clients in the address book will appear in Dubsado!

  • View your Dubsado inbox. When clients in your address book start a new email with you, that email will appear in your Dubsado inbox, not within a project.

  • You initiated the email from within Dubsado. If you initiated the email from outside of Dubsado, replies won’t appear in Dubsado.

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