If you sign into your email through Google, connecting your email to Dubsado is quick and easy! This method will work for anyone who logs into their email through Google, including:

  • @gmail.com email accounts

  • custom domain emails set up for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

👋 Here's a tip... if you'd like to learn more about how emails work in Dubsado, we recommend checking out this article first.

  1. Go to Settings (the gear icon) >> Emails.

  2. Click Sign in with Google.

  3. Log into the account you'd like to connect.

That's it! Your Dubsado brand is now set up to send emails using your connected email address. Any client replies will automatically be brought in as well - there is nothing additional to set up.

👋 Here's a tip... if you have a custom domain email address, we strongly recommend adding Dubsado to your SPF records to prevent your emails from going to spam.

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