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Manage all new Dubsado-related emails in one place.

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Updated Jun 23, 2023

After you’ve connected an email to Dubsado, use the Dubsado inbox to see any new emails from clients that need your response.

Access your Dubsado inbox by clicking on the envelope icon at the top.

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How the Dubsado inbox works

The inbox is a short-term storage option to help you stay on top of new emails. Your goal is to empty out the inbox as you review and respond to new messages. The inbox will catch:

  • Replies from clients to email threads started in Dubsado. Whenever a client replies directly to an email you sent them, their reply appears in the Dubsado inbox.

  • Emails from clients that are saved in your address book. This is so you don’t miss unexpected emails.

🚨 You must start the initial email thread in Dubsado for client replies to appear in the Dubsado inbox.

You can’t categorize or re-order emails in the inbox. Emails are ordered based on the date the email chain started, not on the most recent reply.

Respond to emails

To keep a record of email conversations in Dubsado, you must respond to clients in Dubsado, not from your regular email account.

You can view when emails are read by your client by going to Utilities >> Address Book, selecting the client, and clicking the Emails tab.

Archive or delete emails

When you click on the email, you can remove it from the Dubsado inbox by either archiving or deleting the email. Archiving or deleting an email is how you clear the inbox notification.


You’ll see the Archive button if the email is already part of a client’s project. Archiving removes the email from the Dubsado inbox but the email stays stored in the project.

screenshot of an email assigned to a project

Find your archived emails by going to Projects, selecting your client, and clicking the Emails tab.

Hover over the email list from the sidebar to quickly archive emails.

arrow pointing to archive icon


You’ll see the Delete button if the email isn’t assigned to a project. Deleting removes the email from Dubsado completely.

screenshot of an email not assigned to a project

To see the option to archive the email, assign the email to a project first.

Bulk actions

Use the bulk action checkbox to archive or delete multiple emails at once. Emails assigned to projects are archived and emails without a project are deleted.

arrow pointing to bulk actions checkbox

Assign an email to a project

🚨 Emails can’t be re-assigned to a different project once they have already been assigned.

It’s not required to assign emails to a project. You only need to if you'd like to keep a record of that email in Dubsado.

Click the Select Project link at the top of the email to assign it to a project. Once you’ve assigned a project to the email, the Delete button changes to an Archive button.

arrow pointing to select project link

After the email is assigned to a project, it will appear in the client's project under the Emails tab.

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