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Date conflicts setting

Use this handy tool to quickly check for potential calendar conflicts with new leads.

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The Date Conflicts setting is useful if you work in an event-based industry and need to check your calendar for availability when new leads come in.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... this article assumes you are using a date select field mapped to the project date on a lead capture or public proposal.

To turn this setting on, go to Settings (the gear icon) >> General Settings, click the toggle for Date Conflicts, and click Save.

Going forward, a red Approve button will appear in the Project Date column on the Projects page for any project created automatically by a lead capture or public proposal that has a project date set. The button will not appear on projects you create manually.

To check for date conflicts on a project:

  1. Go to the Projects page.

  2. Click Approve on the project date you'd like to check.

  3. Click through the Projects, Appointments, and Remote Calendar tabs to check for potential conflicts across those three areas.

  4. To clear the Approve button, click Apply to confirm the project date.

  5. Refresh the page.

⚠️ Heads up! This setting does not prevent workflows from running. If a workflow is applied to the project, it will run as normal whether you approved the project date or not. This is just a tool that allows you to quickly look at potential conflicts from the Projects page.


Which projects will show the Approve button for date conflicts?

All projects created with a project date by a lead capture or public proposal will show the Approve button, whether there are conflicts with that project date or not.

I just turned this setting on. Why don't I see any approve buttons on my Projects page?

This setting is not retroactive and will only show the Approve button on new projects that are automatically created going forward.

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