Uploading a PDF as a template is great if all your clients will need the same information, but you can also add a PDF directly to a project if it was created for a specific client. Think customized budgets, floor plans, slide decks, and more!

β›” Heads up! Clients will not be able to fill out and submit a PDF through Dubsado, even if there are fillable fields in your file. Only upload PDFs that will be read-only for your clients. Build a Dubsado form if you will need your client to fill in responses.

  1. Inside a project, go to the Forms tab.

  2. Use the Add new form dropdown to select Upload New PDF as Form.

  3. Select your file and click Add.

After adding the PDF to the project, hover over it and click Send to send an email to your client with the link to the PDF.


Can I upload other file types besides PDFs?

No, Dubsado is not a file storage solution. If you need to send other types of files to your client, we recommend uploading them through a cloud storage service, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then you can add a link to the file to your client's project, just like a form!

Can I send custom PDFs through a workflow?

No, workflows can only send PDFs you've uploaded as templates. You cannot send a custom PDF through a workflow. Instead, we recommend adding a create todo action to your workflow to remind you to upload the PDF to the project and send it manually.

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