Upgrade to the Premier plan

Access our full suite of business management features.

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Ready to level up your business with schedulers and workflows? Upgrade to our Premier plan and get full access to all of Dubsado’s powerful features.

In addition to everything on the Starter plan, you’ll gain access to:

  • Unlimited active lead capture forms

  • Public proposals

  • Scheduler

  • Video conferencing integration

  • Workflows

  • Project source tracking and reporting

  • Time tracker invoicing

  • Quickbooks and Xero integrations for bookkeeping

  • Zapier integration for even more automation

To upgrade your plan:

  1. Go to Settings >> Billing.

  2. Click Change plan on your primary brand.

  3. In the subscription modal, click Premier and then select Annual or Monthly.

  4. Ensure your payment information is correct.

  5. Click Update subscription.

You will be charged for your subscription and gain access to all of the Premier features immediately. Please reach out to our Customer Success team via chat or email if you’d like to request a refund for the remaining time on your Starter plan after upgrading to Premier.


If I created scheduler and workflow templates during my trial, will I get access to them after upgrading?

Yes! If you previously created scheduler and workflow templates while on a trial or the Premier plan, you will regain access to those templates after you upgrade.

Will my lead captures, schedulers, and public proposals automatically reactivate after upgrading?

Yes they will!

If I had any workflows applied to projects, will they unpause automatically?

No. If you previously applied any workflows to projects while on a trial or the Premier plan, those workflows will have paused while you were on the Starter plan. After upgrading, you will need to manually unpause any workflows you would like to restart. A great place to do this is from the workflow overview page.

Will my additional brands upgrade automatically?

Yes! Additional brands will always follow the plan on your primary brand. Upgrading your primary brand will automatically upgrade any additional brands as well at no additional cost.

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