On July 12, 2022, Dubsado launched a brand new form builder! As excited as we are for this amazing update, we also know that change can take some getting used to... especially when you have a business to run.

To support you in the transition to the new form builder, we added a toggle to the Templates >> Forms page that allows you to decide when you'd like to turn the new builder on.

To start using the new form builder, just click the toggle to turn it on. Once you turn on the toggle, you will see the new form builder when editing any form within the brand. This includes both form templates and project forms.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... be sure to coordinate with your multi-users! The new form builder will be live for all users with access to that brand once it is turned on.


Will turning on the new form builder change the way my forms look?

No, simply turning on the new builder will not make any changes to how your forms appear to your clients. That's why we created legacy mode!

Legacy mode is a setting on each individual form. It was created to preserve the appearance of forms with custom code. Legacy mode will need to be turned OFF for you to access all of the new features added to the form builder.

Can I turn the new form builder off after I've turned it on?

Yes, but first you'll need to consider whether you've started turning legacy mode OFF on any of your forms.

If you decide to turn the new form builder off, all of your forms will revert to legacy mode while you are using the old form builder. This means that any new features, such as full-width elements, will be temporarily removed from all of your forms. Turning the new form builder back on will restore your changes.

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