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Updated Jan 31, 2023

Adjust autopay settings to restrict or require your clients to enroll in autopay! Use autopay with both payment plans and recurring invoices.

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Edit autopay settings

You have the option to set an autopay setting that affects all eligible payments and recurring invoices within your brand. This saves you time since you don’t have to change it for each new invoice.

Change your autopay setting in Settings >> Receive Money.

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Your options are:

  • Disabled: Autopay turns off and clients won’t see the option to enroll in autopay.

  • Optional (default): Clients can choose to enroll in autopay.

  • Required: Clients must enroll in autopay to pay an installment on invoices. For active invoices, clients will be prompted to enroll in autopay the next time a payment is due.

Heads up! Changing autopay settings only affect future enrollments. Edits won’t interrupt or change clients already on autopay.

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Autopay eligibility

The following are required for autopay on payment plans:

  • Stripe or Square set up to Accept Credit Card Payments

  • Payment plans must have two or more installments

  • Payment plan installments must have a due date specified. Autopay won’t work on TBD dates or Relative dates without a date mapped

  • No more than one overdue installment

The following are required for autopay on recurring invoices:

Heads up! Clients can bypass a required autopay by paying with a bank account or PayPal. To prevent clients from bypassing autopay, only allow Accept Credit Card Payments and don’t connect PayPal.

accept credit card payments checked

Stop autopay

Re-enroll in autopay

Clients can re-enroll in autopay the next time they make a payment. They can’t re-enroll in autopay without first making a payment.

Payment reminder emails

Payment reminder emails scheduled to go out through a Payment Plan or Workflow will continue to send even if your client is on autopay.

You'll need to manually remove the reminder emails before starting a payment plan or recurring invoice because once a client opts in for autopay, any edits turn off autopay.

👋 Here's a tip... Edit the payment reminder email to remind clients that they’re enrolled in autopay.

example of payment reminder due today

Failed payments

If the credit card on file can’t be charged:

  1. Both you and your client get an email for the failed payment. The email to the client contains a link to the invoice to manually make a payment.

    • Edit or view the client email under Templates >> Canned Emails >> Edit Templates >> Autopay Failed.

  2. Payment Plan: Autopay turns off.

    Recurring Invoice: Autopay stays enabled. After two overdue invoices, autopay turns off.

  3. Client must manually pay the overdue amount to re-enroll in autopay.

  4. The updated credit card saves for the next invoice.


Can I enroll on behalf of my client?

No. Your client must accept the autopay terms.

Can a client stop a required autopay that’s already started?

Yes. To maintain compliance with payment processor standards, your client can turn off autopay by clicking Stop autopay on the invoice. You will be notified if this occurs.

box indicating if client is currently enrolled in autopay

Does changing the autopay setting affect clients who are currently enrolled in autopay?

No. Editing autopay enrollment settings only affect future autopay enrollments. To change current enrollments, stop autopay first, then adjust the autopay setting or create a new invoice.

Can clients make manual payments if they are enrolled in autopay?

Yes. A client can make additional manual payments. Any open installments will automatically adjust the amount due so your client isn’t overcharged.

Where is my client's credit card information saved?

The payment processor (Stripe or Square) connected to your account securely stores the credit card details needed to process the automatic payments. Dubsado never comes into contact with your client's payment information or funds.

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