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Connect a contract and invoice to a proposal
Connect a contract and invoice to a proposal
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Updated Jan 27, 2023

Create a proposal that allows your clients to choose from a list of your offers, sign a contract, and pay — all on one page!

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Before getting started

Make sure you have the following ready to go:

Connect a contract and invoice

Add a contract and invoice so that once your client chooses a package, your client can immediately sign the contract AND submit payment.

  1. Select the proposal in Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on the Form settings tab.

    arrow pointing to form settings
  3. Toggle Include contract to Yes.

  4. Select a contract from the dropdown. The selected contract will attach to the proposal.

  5. Toggle Include invoice to Yes. The invoice will display all the packages that the client chose.

  6. Choose a Payment plan from the dropdown, if applicable.

    • If you are planning to send the proposal through a workflow, leave the payment plan blank on the proposal — you’ll add the payment plan to the workflow instead. See workflows with payment plans for more information.

Preview the proposal-contract-invoice

Before you send the proposal to the client, you'll want to test it!

  1. Go to Projects and click New Project.

  2. Create a test project with your email as the client information.

  3. Click the Forms tab.

  4. Click the Add new form dropdown and choose the proposal containing the contract and invoice.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Click Open. A new tab containing the proposal will open.

  7. Click Contract or Invoice to tab over to those pages to preview it.

For additional testing, click Send to send yourself an email of the proposal. Open the proposal in an incognito window to fill it out as if you're a client!


Can I set multiple contracts that change depending on which package my client chooses?

No. Each proposal can only have one contract. It’s not possible to change the contract based on the package selected, but you can use invoice smart fields in your contract to display the chosen packages.

Can I attach a contract and invoice to a public proposal?

Yes! As long as your public proposal is set up to capture the required client information, new clients can choose your services, sign a contract, and pay all at once.

How do I add a discount?

Toggle Allow discounts to Yes. To create a discount code, go to Templates >> Packages >> Discounts >> Add Discount. See how to create discounts.

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