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Troubleshoot lead capture forms
Troubleshoot lead capture forms
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Updated Jul 10, 2023

Common issues and solutions with lead capture forms.

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A previous client filled out a lead capture, but now they have two entries in the address book.

Your client filled out your lead capture form again but entered a different email address from what they previously entered. Dubsado recognizes if two clients are the same based on the email address.

Even if the returning client enters the same first and last name, entering a different email address will cause Dubsado to create a new client in Utilities >> Address Book. Incorrect spelling, periods, and spaces in the email address could all result in a duplicate client.

As long as the new client email address matches exactly, Dubsado will create a new project, but won’t create a duplicate client.

I can’t change the client on a project.

Once a client is attached to a project, you can’t assign the project to a different client. If a project was made in error, you have two ways to create a new project with the correct client:

  1. Fill out the lead capture form again on behalf of the correct client.

  2. Manually create a new project with the correct client.

Once you’ve made a new project with the correct client, delete the project that was made in error.

I can't merge duplicate clients.

It's not possible to merge client profiles in Dubsado. To delete a client profile, first delete all projects (including archived projects) associated with that client. Then go to Utilities >> Address Book and click on the trashcan icon next to the client you would like to delete.

A client filled out a lead capture with updated information, but the information didn’t save.

For clients who already have a client profile saved in Utilities >> Address Book, Dubsado won’t update their client profile with any information entered on a new lead capture form. To automatically add or update a client’s information, send your client a different form type, like a questionnaire. Information entered on other types of forms will update in the client profile.

You can also manually update the existing client profile with the information on the lead capture form:

  1. Go to Projects and click on the client’s project.

  2. Click the Forms tab.

  3. Hover over the lead capture form and click View to open up the form. A popup will appear containing the information that your client filled out.

    arrow pointing to view link in the forms tab
  4. Copy the information.

  5. Return to the client’s project page.

  6. On the sidebar next to Client, click the pencil icon. A popup will appear.

  7. Enter or update the client’s information.

  8. Click Save & Close at the bottom.

  9. Refresh the page.

👋 Here’s a tip… You can also update the client’s profile in Utilities >> Address Book.

Someone submitted a lead capture, but the client name and email are blank.

Your lead capture form didn’t map the client’s information correctly. Mapped fields allow Dubsado to know which client information to pull from when using smart fields.

Go back to your lead capture form and click on each individual form element to make sure they all have the following:

  • Using either a Short answer or Date select form element.

  • Required toggled to Yes, otherwise clients can submit the form without typing any information.

  • Field mapping correctly mapped.

box around required and field mapping sections

I can’t find my client’s lead capture form.

  1. Go to Projects and click on the client’s project.

  2. Click the Forms tab.

  3. Hover over the lead capture and click View to open up the form.

My lead capture has too much space at the top when I embed it into my website.

By default, lead capture forms include some additional padding around the form. To reduce the padding, go to Form styling and change the Top padding.

arrow pointing from form styling to padding

My embedded lead capture form has a scroll bar.

Edit the code in your code editor to add a minimum height, which forces the entire form to display.

Look for the following phrase in the lead embed code:

style="width:1px; min-width:100%;"

Change this on your website to:

style="width:1px; min-width:100%; min-height:1000px;"

This will force the height of the form to be 1000px. Apply and save your changes, then preview the page to verify that you can see the entire form.

You may need to further adjust the height depending on the length of your form. Just increase or decrease the min-height value of "1000" until the form displays correctly.

If you change the margins and padding, you will need to re-adjust the min-height value in the embed code.

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