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Allow clients to repay
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Updated Sep 19, 2023

When you log a refund in Dubsado, you’ll have the option to add the refund amount back to your invoice remainder if you think you may collect the refund again. You can do this using the Allow client to repay toggle.

When the toggle is on, that means that you plan on recollecting the refunded amount again in the future. Therefore, the invoice remainder will adjust to add the refunded amount back to the remaining balance that your client still needs to pay.

When the toggle is off, that means that the refund is uncollectible, so the invoice remainder balance won’t change.

For example, let’s say your invoice total is $200.00. Your client paid you $200.00, so your invoice remainder becomes $0.00. You then issued a refund of $100.00:

  • Toggled off means that you don’t plan to re-collect the refunded amount, so the invoice remainder will stay at $0.

  • Toggled on means that you plan to collect the refunded amount again, so the invoice remainder will change from $0.00 to $100.00.


Will payment plan statuses change?

When toggled off, payment plan installment statuses won’t change, since the payment plan status is based on the remaining balance.

When toggled on, payment plan installment statuses may change after you provide a refund:

  • If the due date has already passed, then the payment plan status will show Overdue.

  • If the due date is in the future or if you don’t have a due date, then the payment plan status will say Unpaid.

How does this impact autopay?

Logging a refund won’t stop autopay. When toggled on and after required autopay ends, invoices will have a remaining balance left for the refunded amount. You’ll need to manually collect this remaining balance from your client.

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