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Leads vs jobs

The difference between a lead status and a job status.

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Updated Jun 16, 2023

Both leads and jobs are project statuses designed to help you organize your projects into two types of categories:

  • When your client is just a prospect (a lead).

  • Once they pay and become an official client (a job).

Defining which projects are leads and which are jobs is up to you. We recommend the following:

Lead status

Job status

Prospective clients, new inquiries, or a potential booking

A booked client

Clients that haven’t yet paid or signed a contract

Clients that have made an initial payment or signed a contract

All new Dubsado accounts will assign all projects as "No status" because you haven't created any project statuses yet.

screenshot of no status project

Click Customize to create a project status. For more information on editing your project statuses or changing the view of the statuses on your projects page, click here.

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