In Dubsado, a project is the communication hub with your client. You'll use a project to send emails, contracts, invoices, proposals, and other forms. You can also keep track of tasks and notes within a project.

Any time you want to start working with a new client, creating a new project will be your first step.

To create a new project head to the PROJECTS page and click New Project. You’ll be asked to enter some basic info, such as the project title and the client’s contact information. You can select an existing client or create a new one.

You’ll also be required to select a project status. If the client is still in the process of inquiring and hasn’t paid you yet, set them as a LEAD. If the client has a contract with you and has paid, set them as a JOB.

Finally, you can add notes on the project and set a project date. Setting a project date will create an event on your calendar if you’ve synced one. You can set a different start and end or the same date for both.


Inside your project, you’ll see a left sidebar with the most important info at a glance:

  • The Project Title: The name of your project that will show up on the Projects page. This is searchable and filterable!
  • The Project Date: Projects with dates will appear on your calendar. You can also trigger other things like workflow actions and payment reminders based on the project date.
  • Contract: Each project can have one contract. You’ll add it here.
  • Tags and Status: Add/remove tags and change the project status here.
  • Client Info: Click on the pencil icon to update the client’s information.
  • Portal: Activate the client portal and set a password here.
  • Job Location: Set a location for the project if applicable, i.e. a wedding venue or photo shoot location.
  • Custom Mapped Job Fields: Any data you’ve collected in custom mapped job fields.
  • Team Member Selection: Assign a team or team member if you have multi-users.


The tabs across the top are all of the different ways you can communicate with the client:

  • Emails: This is your inbox for the project and where you’ll see all the emails you’ve sent the client from Dubsado as well as any direct replies from the client (if you have a connected email address). You can also send emails here.
  • Invoices: Create and send one-time and recurring invoices.
  • Forms: You’ll use the dropdown menu on this page to select from your existing form templates, upload a PDF, or add a custom URL link. Once you add a form here you can edit and send it.
  • Appointments: Create manual appointments to add to your calendar or send your client an invite to schedule an appointment with you.
  • Workflows: Apply and manage any workflows on running on this project.
  • Tasks: Add single tasks or task boards.
  • Notes: Take notes and dated call logs. These are private and never visible to the client. You'll also see an activity log that tracks actions taken within this project.
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