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Changes in Dubsado and Stripe when using Dubsado Payments
Changes in Dubsado and Stripe when using Dubsado Payments
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Updated June 4, 2024

If you connect to an existing Stripe account when setting up Dubsado Payments, a new Stripe Dashboard will be created and will be accessible using your original login credentials. Don't worry, this is normal!

Click your business name in the top left corner of your Stripe page to see a list of your Stripe Dashboards and toggle between them at any time.

If your Stripe account was automatically upgraded to Dubsado Payments, there are a couple of changes that you may notice in your Stripe and Dubsado accounts.

After your account is upgraded, you’ll see no changes to the following:

  • Your Stripe login. Your login will be the same and you can access your Stripe account at any time; you don’t have to go through Dubsado.

  • Your processing fees. We aligned processing fees for Dubsado Payments with the current rates advertised by Stripe. For more details, you can check out our help article on Dubsado Payments fees.

  • Your payouts. Your payouts and payout schedule will remain the same.

  • Your Stripe transaction history. All of your existing Stripe transaction history will still be visible in your account.

But there are a few new changes (and features!) that you will notice, both in Dubsado and in Stripe. Here’s what to expect.

Changes you’ll see in Dubsado

Seamless integration with Stripe

When you visit Settings > Payments and invoices after the upgrade, you'll find your account is connected to Dubsado Payments, with options to tailor your accepted payment methods and a shortcut to your Stripe dashboard.

Updated client payment experience

We’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest technology from Stripe to make the payment experience for your clients easier than ever. The payment screen will intelligently present the payment options you've enabled, enhancing the checkout experience.

Updated ACH experience (now with autopay!)

Our new payment screen also includes a smoother experience for clients paying with a US bank account. We’ve also made it possible to enroll in autopay on recurring invoices and payment plans with ACH! This is great for those large invoices being paid over time where you still want to save on fees.

Refund clients directly from Dubsado

Previously, you could only log refunds, but with Dubsado Payments you’ll be able to initiate refunds directly from within Dubsado! Refunds are now associated with each individual transaction to align with Stripe’s best practices.

Here's a tip... the option to refund a payment can now be found in the action menu (•••) next to each payment on the invoice.

Heads up! Only payments that have processed through Dubsado Payments can be refunded through Dubsado. You can still log a refund for any other payment, but you'll need to issue the refund through the original payment processor.

Other features coming soon 👀

After launch, we’re looking forward to adding more payment method options! These include Google Pay and Apple Pay, local payment methods like BACs, BECs, PADs, and SEPA, and even in-person payments 🤯 giving you even more flexibility in how you allow clients to pay.

Changes to invoice overrides

In order to bring you all of these exciting features, we need to be on Stripe’s latest and greatest interface. Unfortunately this means that the option to manually override payment method options per project is no longer available. All of your invoices will display the payment methods you set under Settings > Payments and invoices.

We know this override feature is useful for managing when you allow clients to use credit cards so that you can keep your processing fees at a minimum. With our surcharging feature coming later this Spring, you'll no longer need to manage this manually!

Changes you’ll see in Stripe

When you go to your Stripe dashboard, you’ll notice a few small changes:

Dubsado logo

arrow pointing to logo

When you log into your Stripe account after the upgrade, you’ll see a Dubsado logo next to yours in the upper left hand side. You may also see a message at the bottom of your screen that says “Managed by Dubsado.”

Dubsado application fee

screenshot of payment fee details in stripe

Previously, if you ever took a look into Stripe transaction data, you would have seen a message that said “Stripe processing fees” when you hovered over the Fee amount. As a Dubsado Payments account, you will see that it now says “Dubsado application fee.” You will not see a difference in the amount of fees collected. We aligned processing fees for Dubsado Payments with the current rates advertised by Stripe. For more details, you can check out our help article on Dubsado Payments fees.

Increased ACH limits (for US-based accounts)

Dubsado Payments uses the latest version of ACH features from Stripe. With their recent update, Stripe replaced the combination of individual transaction limits and weekly limits for ACH with weekly limits only.

We heard that higher ACH limits were important to you, so we worked with Stripe to set our starting weekly limit for ACH transactions to $20,000.00/week.

Here's a tip... If you already negotiated a higher weekly limit with Stripe, you will retain that higher limit when your account is upgraded. We can also help you request additional limit increases, just reach out to our Customer Care team!

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