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Accepting US bank (ACH) payments with Dubsado payments
Accepting US bank (ACH) payments with Dubsado payments
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Updated June 13, 2024

You may already be familiar with the payment process in Dubsado — a client gets sent your Dubsado invoice and pays it using either a credit card or direct debit (depending on what you have set in Dubsado). The funds then go into your Stripe account.

With Dubsado Payments connected, accepting payments from clients will mostly follow the same payment standards as Stripe. The article below summarizes how Stripe manages payments made with ACH.

You may want to also check out our article on how payments work with Dubsado Payments.

Accepting ACH payments

Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe uses Stripe’s Financial Connections tool to allow your clients to securely pay via ACH. Financial Connections replaces Plaid, and can link to approximately 5,000 financial institutions, representing more than 90% of bank accounts in the United States.

Transaction limits

Most payment processors have set transaction limits (the maximum payment amount accepted for a single transaction). Transaction limits are determined by Stripe and are dependent on the payment method.

If your clients pay with ACH, using Dubsado Payments provides a 20,000 USD weekly limit. This may be an increase from your previous transaction limit with Stripe; this increase is because our Dubsado Payments integration with Stripe allows for an updated ACH transaction limit, which involves removing the combination of individual transaction limits and weekly limits for ACH and replacing with a weekly limit only.

Request a higher weekly ACH limit

If your business typically needs to process more than 20,000 USD in a given week, please reach out to our Customer Care team to request an increase to your weekly ACH limit. Our deeper partnership with Stripe allows us to work with Stripe on your behalf to get your limit raised.

Heads up! If you already negotiated a higher ACH limit with Stripe, that higher weekly limit will remain in place when your account gets upgraded with Dubsado Payments.

ACH fees and disputes

Accepting ACH payments with Dubsado Payments aligns with Stripe's advertised processing fee structure. ACH payments incur a 0.8% processing fee that is capped at a maximum of $5 per transaction - making ACH payments ideal for larger transactions.

Should an ACH payment fail, however, the merchant (Dubsado user) will be charged a failed transaction fee of $4 per failed transaction. You can view this fee within the Payments section of your Stripe account.

An ACH payment dispute will also result in a fee. A dispute (also known as a chargeback) is when a client requests a refund through their credit card issuer or bank. The card issuer or bank creates a formal dispute which immediately reverses the payment. The payment amount, along with a separate dispute fee of $15, is deducted from your account balance.To learn more, please see Stripe's support article on disputes.

Summary of fees

Payment event


ACH direct debit payment

0.8% (up to a $5 maximum)

ACH direct debit failed transaction fee

$4.00 per failed transaction

ACH direct debit dispute fee

$15.00 per dispute

ACH payout speeds

After a client pays you, there are specific timeframes before the funds reach your bank account — this timeframe is known as payout speed. With Dubsado Payments, these timeframes will not change from what you’re used to with Stripe.

There are two timeframes to add up before funds reach your bank account:

  1. Settlement time: The time from when a client pays your Dubsado invoice to those funds reaching your Stripe account. This depends on your client’s payment method.

  2. Payout time: The time from funds in your Stripe account to transfer to your bank account. This depends on your country.

When your clients pay with ACH, settlement time usually takes around 4 business days for those funds to reach your Stripe account. The time is because funds need to be cleared first before they become available.

Stripe provides payout time averages, but the exact time it takes to receive a payout may vary. The table below lists payout speeds by country:


Payout speed

United States

2 business days


3 business days

United Kingdom

3 business days

Europe (UK and EEA)

3 business days


2 business days

New Zealand

4 business days


30 calendar days; 5 calendar days for international charges; 2 business days for Boleto and Pix payments

Hong Kong

7 calendar days


5 business days


3 business days, if and when eligibility criteria has been met. During eligibility period, 7 calendar days


7 calendar days


3 business days

United Arab Emirates

5 business days

Here’s an example if you are based in the United States:

Your client pays a Dubsado invoice on Monday morning by ACH. You can expect to see those funds in your Stripe account on Friday. Later in the day on Friday, you transfer those funds from Stripe to your bank account. You can expect funds to arrive in your bank account on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how late you initiated the transfer on Friday.

Heads up! Stripe does not facilitate weekend or holiday payouts, which may cause additional time for payouts.

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