Hey night owls! This is a perfect feature for you. You have ALL the freedom to work as late as you'd like without clients questioning the hour you are emailing them. Schedule those late night or weekend emails to send later!

Just click the up arrow next to the send button while drafting a new email:

It even works while replying to an existing thread:

You'll see three options:

  • Later: 3 hours from the moment you click this option

  • 9AM: 9 am the next day

  • Next Week: 7 days from the moment you click this option, great if you're meant to be on vacation! If it's 6pm when you click this option, the email will send 7 days later at 6pm.

As soon as you choose an option, the email draft will close and be moved to the Workflows tab as a single-action workflow.

Editing and Cancelling Scheduled Emails

Scheduling an email to send later creates a single-action workflow. From the Workflows tab of the project, you can:

  • Edit the content of the email or change the send date and time by clicking Edit on the workflow action

  • Force the email to send immediately by clicking Force Now on the action

  • "Cancel" the email altogether by clicking Remove on the action

Editing the Email Content or Send Date and Time

To edit your email or the time that it will send, click Edit on the workflow action and make your adjustments in the pop up modal. Click Apply when you're finished.

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