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Manage import and export for calendar events
Manage import and export for calendar events
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Updated Mar 14, 2024

When connecting a calendar to Dubsado, you’ll be prompted to import and export calendars.

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Import means external calendar events will appear in the Dubsado calendar. Export means events created in Dubsado will appear in your external calendar.

Import synced calendar events into Dubsado’s dashboard

Reasons to import calendar events to Dubsado

✅ If you want the external calendar events to appear on your Dubsado calendar in orange.

synced calendars

✅ If you use the Dubsado scheduler, Dubsado can check calendar events for conflicts and automatically block off availability so clients can’t book those time slots.

For example, if you add “dentist appointment” to a synced external calendar, clients can’t book with you during that time on any of your Dubsado schedulers.

Heads up! If an event is marked as "busy" on your external calendar, the scheduler will also mark you as unavailable during those times.

Reasons to not import calendar events to Dubsado

🚫 Don’t import calendars where you don't want Dubsado to check for scheduling conflicts.

For example, you have a calendar that keeps track of your planned blog post. Since this calendar does not impact your availability, don’t link this calendar with Dubsado.

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Export Dubsado's calendar into synced calendar

Checking export shows you events created in Dubsado (such as appointments, projects, and tasks) from your external calendar.

👋 Here’s a tip… To have tasks or projects appear on your external calendar, make sure the task has a due date and the project has a project date.

For example, if you sync a calendar called "Work", when you look at that calendar outside of Dubsado, you'll see all of the Dubsado events.

We recommend exporting only one synced calendar. Otherwise, you'll see multiple copies of Dubsado events.

Change import and export syncing

From Calendar > Calendar settings, you’ll see that your calendar will show Synced under import, export, or both. You can click anywhere in the row on a synced calendar to adjust its import and export settings.

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Delete imported events from the Dubsado calendar

If you synced an external calendar to Dubsado, it is not possible to delete imported calendar events from within Dubsado. To remove those items, go directly to your external calendar and delete it from there. Those events will then disappear from the Dubsado calendar.

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