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Notifications in the mobile app
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Updated July 9, 2024

Never miss a notification with the Dubsado mobile app’s notifications!

Notifications tab overview

Tap Notifications from the main navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to view your notifications.

The notifications page is split into three categories: today, this week, and older.

  • Today: notifications from the current day, between 12:00am and 11:59pm.

  • This week: notifications from the current calendar week, which begins on Monday at 12:00am and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm.

  • Older: notifications that occurred prior to the most recent Monday at 12:00am.

Each notification entry lists the client and the action they completed, as well as the time that the action occurred.

You can tap on a notification to view the completed content. For example, tapping on an appointment notification takes you to the scheduling tab of the client’s project, and tapping on a form notification will automatically open the client’s submitted form.

At the top of the page, your total unread notifications are counted. Tapping on a notification marks that notification as “read.” You can tap Mark all as read to mark every unread notification as read.

Notification types

Listed below are the different items you can be notified about using the Dubsado mobile app:

  • Contracts

    • Contract signed: notifies you when a client signs a contract.

  • Invoices

    • Payment submitted: notifies you when a client makes a payment on a Dubsado invoice.

      • If your mobile device’s sound is on when a client pays, you'll get a special audio notification! 🤑

  • Workflows

    • Approval required: notifies you when an active workflow has a pending action that requires your approval in order for the workflow to execute that action.

  • Forms

    • Form submitted: notifies you when a client has completed and submitted a form.

    • Form draft submitted: notifies you when a client has saved a draft of their responses on a form.

    • Lead capture form submitted: notifies you when a client completes and submits a lead capture form.

  • Scheduling

    • Appointment confirmed: notifies you when an appointment has been confirmed, either by the client booking an appointment or when you book an appointment on behalf of the client.

    • Appointment rescheduled: notifies you when you or the client reschedules an appointment.

    • Appointment cancelled: notifies you when you or the client cancels an appointment.

Notification styles

From the notifications tab, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen to set up or edit your notification preferences. Then, tap on a notification type to configure your preferences. For each notification type, there are three different notification styles you can enable or disable:

  • Push: a notification that is sent directly to your phone, viewable from your lock screen. Tapping a push notification will automatically open the Dubsado mobile app and take you to the completed content.

  • Email: an email notification sent to your designated notification email.

    • Log in to Dubsado’s desktop site and head to Account Settings ➔ Notifications to change your notification email.

  • In app: a notification that appears within the notifications tab of the Dubsado mobile app.

Mobile App Roadmap

Curious about features and functionality that we plan to add to the mobile app? Check out our mobile app roadmap to see of a full list of the features we’re planning and working on! There, you can let us know how important our upcoming updates would be to you, and submit new ideas.

Don’t forget that you can chat our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to, or by heading to the More tab within the mobile app.

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