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Sending forms in the mobile app
Sending forms in the mobile app
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Updated July 8, 2024

After a form has been applied to a project from within the forms tab, you can send that form to the client - right from the app!

To navigate to the forms tab, open any project from the main Projects tab. Then, tap Forms at the top of your screen.

Send forms

Each form that’s been applied to a project will have three dots (…) in the lower right corner of its card which allow you to perform quick actions.

To send a form, tap the three dots icon and select the Send to client option. Tapping this option will immediately open a new email message, which will include a button linking to the form, by default.

View client responses

After a client has completed one of your forms, you can view their responses right in the app. To view a client’s completed form, tap anywhere on that form’s card within the forms tab.

You can also tap on a contract's card to countersign the contract - before or after the client has signed.

Not sure which forms have been completed recently? Head to the Notifications tab and tap on a form completion notification, which will immediately display the completed form.

Form statuses

At the bottom of each form’s card, the form’s status will be listed.

  • Not sent: forms that haven’t been emailed to the client or applied to the client portal.

  • Sent: forms that have been emailed to the client or applied to the client portal

  • In progress: this status only appears for questionnaires where the client has saved a draft of their responses, or for contracts where you (the business owner) has countersigned a contract but the client has yet to sign.

  • Completed: forms that have been completed and submitted.

If a form has been viewed by the client, an additional “Viewed” tag will be added to the card next to its status.


Can I edit my forms on the Dubsado mobile app?

As a companion app, the Dubsado mobile app aims to allow you to accomplish quick tasks while on the go - all from a much smaller screen compared to your laptop or desktop computer. While we’ve certainly considered mobile form editing, the mobile app does not currently support the ability to edit your forms.

You can always log in to Dubsado using your mobile device’s internet browser to access the desktop site and the form builder if your forms are in need of updating!

Mobile App Roadmap

Curious about features and functionality that we plan to add to the mobile app? Check out our mobile app roadmap to see of a full list of the features we’re planning and working on! There, you can let us know how important our upcoming updates would be to you, and submit new ideas.

Don’t forget that you can chat our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to, or by heading to the More tab within the mobile app.

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