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Countersigning contracts in the mobile app
Countersigning contracts in the mobile app
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Updated July 8, 2024

From the forms tab of a project in the mobile app, you can countersign a client’s contract - no need to reach for your laptop!

To navigate to the forms tab, open any project from the main Projects tab. Then, tap Forms at the top of your screen.

Countersign a contract

If a contract has a countersignature field, you can open the contract and countersign without needing to log in to Dubsado’s desktop site.

To do so, head to the forms tab within a project. Here, contracts are always displayed at the top of the list of forms.

Tap anywhere on the contract’s card to view the contract. Then, navigate to your countersignature field, type out your signature, and tap Counter Sign to complete the process.

If the client has yet to sign the contract, the contract’s status should update to show In progress.


Can I edit my contracts on the Dubsado mobile app?

As a companion app, the Dubsado mobile app aims to allow you to accomplish quick tasks while on the go - all from a much smaller screen compared to your laptop or desktop computer. While we’ve certainly considered mobile form editing, the mobile app does not currently support the ability to edit your contracts.

You can always log in to Dubsado using your mobile device’s internet browser to access the desktop site and the form builder if your contracts are in need of updating!

Mobile App Roadmap

Curious about features and functionality that we plan to add to the mobile app? Check out our mobile app roadmap to see of a full list of the features we’re planning and working on! There, you can let us know how important our upcoming updates would be to you, and submit new ideas.

Don’t forget that you can chat our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to, or by heading to the More tab within the mobile app.

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