You can have your appointments booked through the scheduler show up on your calendar AND have other external events block out dates on your scheduler so you are not double booked.  All you need to do is connect your calendar into Dubsado.

Head to CALENDAR >> CALENDAR SETTINGS and connect your calendar there.

Turning the EXPORT on allows for your appointments and items in Dubsado to sync to your connected calendar. (So they appear on your phone/computer)

Turning the IMPORT on allows for synced calendar items to appear in Dubsado.  In the Scheduler's case, bringing the synced items into Dubsado will book your scheduler out for dates / times you have other events happening.   (Example: Say you added your child's 10th birthday to your synced calendar...Because you have IMPORT on, no clients will be able to book with you during that time of your child's 10th birthday)

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