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Change the button text
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Updated Sep 3, 2023

You can edit the button text for two types of buttons that are frequently used in Dubsado:

  1. The button that displays in an email that links to a form.

  2. The button at the end of a form that will submit it when completed by a client.

Both of these can be customized to say whatever you’d like!

Change the button text in emails

The button in an email is based on the form’s title. To edit, open a form from Templates > Forms and edit the title next to the pencil icon at the top.

screenshot with example form title and how it looks as a button link in an email

If you upload a PDF as a form, then the button text will display the PDF file name.

Alternatively, you can manually edit button text for individual forms that you send. To do this:

gif showing how to manually edit a button text in an email
  1. Go to Projects and select your client’s project.

  2. Click on the Forms tab.

  3. Hover over a form and click Send. An email draft will appear.

  4. From the email draft, click on the button itself. A toolbar will appear.

  5. From the toolbar, click Edit link.

    screenshot showing the edit link icon
  6. Under Text, type what you’d like the button to say.

  7. Click Update.

Change the submit button text in a form

If you want to change the submit button on the form itself, you can edit that within a form template. Go to Templates > Forms and then click Form styling to add text under Submit button text.

screenshot showing form styling and the submit button text section

Changing the submit button text is only available for lead capture forms, questionnaires, and proposals — button text isn’t editable for contracts or sub-agreements.

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