When you finish up a project, you may wish to archive it to clear it away from your projects page so you can focus on current work. Archiving is also a great way to clear out cold leads.

To archive a project, simply open it up and click on the down caret next to the project title. This will open a small dropdown menu with an option to Archive.

Alternatively, you can archive a project from the projects page by clicking on the down caret on the far right-hand side. 


What happens when I archive a project?

When a project is archived it completely goes away from the job or lead funnels, and then just filters into that client's profile in the address book. Archived projects can also be found in the Archived status on your projects page!

Any workflows that are running on that project will pause. You would need to manually unpause the workflow for it to run again. Therefore, you might want to set up a "Past" job status for any projects you want to clear out but still have workflows that need to run.

WARNING: If the project has a LEAD status when archived, any invoices on the project will be DELETED. This is to prevent open invoices that will not be paid from clogging up your records. If you wish to retain the invoice on a project, ensure it has a JOB status before you archive it!


Can I just delete the project instead?

The short answer: yes. You'll see options to delete the project in the same areas where you can archive it. However, once deleted, you will not be able to recover the any invoices, appointments, or emails sent for that project.

Forms sent will remain accessible under Utilities >> Form List and any individual tasks you created on the project will remain as well. Payments made on the invoice of a deleted project will still be recorded under Accounting >> Transactions, but will have no record of who paid.

We recommend archiving the project unless deleting is absolutely necessary!


Unarchiving Projects

To unarchive a project, locate the project in the Archived funnel on the projects page or under that client’s entry in the address book (it will be under the Projects tab). 

Once you are in the archived project in that job or lead, click the caret to find the un-archive button.

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