Sometimes a project gets cancelled or a client disappears without paying you in full. If you know a remaining balance on an invoice will not be paid, you can close the invoice.

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Close an invoice

Any invoice with a remaining balance can be closed.

  1. Open the invoice you would like to close.

  2. Click Apply and then Close Invoice.

  3. Optionally, add a note that will be visible to your client on the invoice. You will also see this note on the transaction in Dubsado.

  4. Click Apply.

When you close an invoice:

  • An uncollectible balance is applied to zero-out the invoice.

  • If there is a payment plan, unpaid installments will be marked as Closed and payment reminders will be removed.

  • Your client will not receive an email notification, but if they view their invoice they will see the uncollectible balance and any notes, if you added them.

  • Your client will not be able to make further payments on the invoice while it is closed.

  • Consider archiving the project if it will no longer be going forward.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... you can also close and reopen invoices from the Reporting >> Invoices page. Click on the action menu (three dots) next to an invoice you'd like to close and click Close Invoice.

Reopen a closed invoice

Closing an invoice is not permanent. You can reopen a closed invoice at any time if your client returns and would like to continue their project.

To reopen an invoice, go to Apply >> Reopen Invoice. Payment plan due dates and reminders will be restored, but you may need to adjust the dates if too much time has passed.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... any action that would change the invoice total, such as adding or removing line items, will cause the invoice to re-open. You'll be prompted with an alert so that you can decide whether you'd like to continue with your changes and re-open the invoice.

Closed invoices and reporting

Closing an invoice generates an uncollectible balance. This represents the remaining balance of an invoice that you no longer expect to be paid.

Under Reporting >> Chart of Accounts, you can see your total uncollectible balance in each income category. Uncollectible balances do not affect your gross revenue. They are just a way to keep track of income you were not able to collect.

Under Reporting >> Transactions, you can use the transaction type filter to show or hide uncollectible transactions.


Can I close only a portion of an invoice?

No. Closing an invoice will mark the total remaining unpaid balance as uncollectible. If you need to reduce the total of an invoice, consider adjusting the line items or applying a discount.

What will happen to my workflows when I close an invoice?

Closing an invoice will not change or trigger any workflow actions watching for full or partial payment.

If I unarchive a project, will the closed invoices automatically reopen?

No. If you would like to reopen a closed invoice, you must do so manually.

Will closing an invoice in Dubsado sync with QuickBooks or Xero?

No. QuickBooks and Xero have their own processes for closing invoices that do not line up with how invoices are closed in Dubsado. Closing an invoice in Dubsado will have no affect on the synced invoice in QuickBooks or Xero. You can manually close the invoice in your bookkeeping software after closing the invoice in Dubsado.

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