Customizing the client portal can be done in just a few quick steps! Check out our webinar or follow the step-by-step guide below to make your portal feel like home.

To customize your client portal, head to your Settings (the gear icon) >> Portals.

  1. Changes the welcome message text at the top of the portal on the left hand side.

  2. Changes the text on the Projects tab in the portal.

  3. Allows you to add a different version of your logo for client portals in place of the default logo you uploaded in brand settings (proportions 200 x 100).

  4. Adds a banner portal image (proportions 1800 x 200 or, for larger screens, 2700 x 300).

  5. Changes the banner image shown on mobile devices (proportions 700 X 400).

  6. Changes the color of the portal banner (if you are not using an image).

  7. Changes the color of the font of the welcome message.

  8. Changes the color of the summary tabs (Business Info, Unread Emails, Incomplete Forms, Open Invoices).

  9. Changes the color of the text on the summary tabs.



What do the proportions for the banner image and logo mean?

The proportions are a recommended starting point for the dimensions of your image, in pixels. Smaller images may look blurry on larger screens, so you may need to upload a larger version of your image while maintaining the same proportions.

Those proportions are:

  • Portal logo size: 200 x 100 pixels

  • Portal banner size: 1800 x 200 pixels

  • Portal banner mobile size: 700 x 400 pixels

Can I hide the welcome message or hide the logo so they don't cover up my banner image?

Yes! Just check the box to hide the welcome message or hide the logo in your portals.

Can I use HTML and CSS to further customize the portal?

No, you cannot use custom code in the client portal.

Can I customize the look of the portal login screen?

No, the portal login screen cannot be customized. It will display the logo and button color you have chosen in your main brand settings.

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