Customize the client portal

Change the colors and text of your client portal to match your brand.

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Updated Feb 23, 2023

Customizing the client portal can be done in just a few quick steps! Check out our webinar or follow the step-by-step guide below.

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Portal settings

To customize your client portal, head to Settings (gear icon) >> Portals.

portal settings page numbered
  1. Portal Welcome Message: Edit the welcome message at the top of the portal. The default is “Welcome to your client portal”. Click Hide welcome message if you’re using a banner image.

    arrow pointing to default portal welcome message

  2. Portal Projects Label Override: Change the text for the Projects tab. The default is “Projects”.

    arrow pointing to default projects label

    Heads up! On smaller screens, the text changes to icons.

    screenshot of tabs as icons instead of text

  3. Portal Specific Logo: Add a different logo for client portals instead of the default logo in Settings >> Branding. Keep your logo under 5mb at 200 x 100px. Click Hide logo in your portals if you’re using a banner image.

    arrow pointing to logo

  4. Portal Banner: Add a banner portal image. See client portal banner image dimensions.

  5. Portal Mobile Device Banner: Change the banner image shown on mobile devices or smaller screens. See client portal banner image dimensions.

  6. Portal Banner Color: Edit the color of the portal banner by hex code if you are not using an image for your portal banner.

  7. Portal Banner Font Color: Edit the font color of the welcome message and the “Logout” text.

    arrows pointing to the portal banner font colors

  8. Portal Summary Header Color: Edit the background color of the summary tabs.

  9. Portal Summary Header Font Color: Edit the text color of the summary tabs (Business Info, Unread Emails, Incomplete Forms, Open Invoices).


Can I use HTML and CSS to further customize the portal?

No, you cannot use custom code in the client portal.

Can I customize the portal login screen?

No. The login screen displays the logo and button color you set in Settings >> Branding.

client portal login screen

How do I send files to the clients using the client portal?

To add Dubsado forms to the client portal, see add a form. Alternatively, you can also upload outside links to the client portal. See add an external link.

Is there a way to add a progress tracker?

Yes! Create a task board to keep track of progress as you work through a client’s project. See sharing task boards on how to add task boards to the client portal.

Can I change what gets added to the client portal?

Certain items are added automatically and can’t be removed. See our article on synced items for a detailed list.

Is it possible to edit what’s on the home page?

Right now, there isn’t a way to edit the home page on the client portal.

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