Instead of choosing a solid color, you can upload a custom banner image for your client portal! You even have the option of uploading a specific banner image for each client.

Uploading a default portal banner

Client portal customizations in your settings will apply to all of your client's portals. Here's how to upload a default portal banner image:

  1. Create a banner image with the dimensions 1800 x 200 pixels (or 2700 x 300 for larger screens) and save it to your computer.

  2. Go to your Settings (gear icon) >> Portal.

  3. Under Portal Banner, click Upload.

  4. Select the banner image you created and upload it.

Once uploaded, the banner image will replace the portal banner color. It will also adjust as you re-size your screen!

If you're not happy with how the banner looks on a mobile device, you can design a custom version of your banner image with the dimensions 700 x 400 pixels and upload that under Portal Mobile Device Banner.


Uploading a client-specific portal banner

If you want to make your client experience extra personalized, you can create and upload a portal banner for a specific client. The portal banner you upload for a specific client will override the default banner in your settings.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Utilities >> Address Book.

  2. Click on the client you want to customize the portal banner for.

  3. Under Portal Settings, click the pencil icon button under Upload Portal Banner and choose your image.

Client-specific portal banners have the same dimensions as the default banner. You cannot add a mobile version.


Different size screens will display our client portals differently. As the screen size gets smaller, the banner image will remain anchored to the left and the right side will be cut off first, so you might take that into account with your design.

If you or your clients tend to use very large screens, you may also want to scale up your banner image while keeping the same proportions (e.g. instead of 1800 x 200 use 2700 x 300).

Can I upload a portal banner for a specific project?

No, you cannot upload a portal banner for a specific project. Client portals are tied to each client's profile in the address book, not to individual projects. Each client will use a single portal to access all of the projects you have created with their profile.

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