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Embedding a Dubsado Scheduler on Your Website
Embedding a Dubsado Scheduler on Your Website

Share your scheduler publicly with an embed code or direct link.

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Embed your scheduler on your website and clients will be able to book with you without even leaving the page! We also have a direct link option if you don't have a website.

Before you share a scheduler publicly, make sure you've connected a lead capture to your scheduler template as the additional form in the Advanced tab.

Just go to Templates >> Scheduler and click on the link icon next to the scheduler template you'd like to share.

A modal window will pop up with an Iframe Code and a Direct Link:

Embed with the Iframe Code

Embedding will display the scheduler on your website. To embed the scheduler, copy the iframe code from the window. This code needs to be pasted into your web page wherever you want the scheduler to appear. Look for an option in your web builder to insert custom code.

No website? No problem! The direct link to the scheduler will open the scheduler up on its own page. There is no need to host the scheduler on your own website to use the direct link we provide.

If you're having trouble embedding the scheduler, you can always create a button on your website and have it go to the direct link instead!

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... the direct link should not be pasted into a Dubsado canned email and sent through a workflow. This link is for sharing outside of Dubsado to bring new clients in! For existing clients in Dubsado, you can send a scheduling invite manually through their project or send the scheduler through a workflow.

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