In Dubsado, Projects and Clients go hand-in-hand. Although you have an Address Book in your account (under UTILITIES >> Address Book), all communication with your Clients should take place through a Project.

A Client is your primary point of contact.

You can store a name, email, address, and even custom mapped fields for a Client. When you view a Client in the Address Book, you'll be able to see all of their contact information and access a list of all the Projects to which this client is attached.

When a Client is attached to a project, they will be the one to receive all of the emails, forms, and invoices you send through that project. You may only attach one Client per Project, but each Client profile may have one additional Alternate Contact. The Alternate Contact will be CC'd on any emails you send directly from the Project.

Above: Client profile in the Address Book showing where to access the Alternate Contact

Although it is possible to send forms and emails directly from the Address Book, we do not recommend this. It is much better to keep all communication through a Project so that it is easy to find in one place.

A Project is your Client communication hub.

You'll use a Project to send emails, contracts, invoices, proposals, and questionnaires to your Client. You can also keep track of tasks within a Project. Projects can have a start date/time and an end date/time and be sorted and filtered on the Projects page.

Above: Inside of a Client's Project

Because more than one Project can be created for a Client, we like to think of each Project as an "encounter" with the Client or a new inquiry. Here are a few indicators that can help you decide how to use Projects in your business:

  • The Client needs to sign a new contract for a new service.
  • You want to invoice the Client for a new set of services.
  • A considerable amount of time has passed since you last worked with the Client.

For example:

  • As a photographer, you offer engagement and wedding shoots for your couples. The engagement shoot could be a Project and the wedding shoot could be a new Project.
  • As a consultant, you offer different packages with varying levels of support and numbers of sessions. Each time your client books a new package with you, you would start a new Project.
  • As an accountant, you prepare your clients' taxes each year. Each tax year could be a new Project.
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