Applying a refund to an invoice in Dubsado does not initiate a transfer of funds back to your client. Since all payments on Dubsado invoices are handled by your connected payment processor, it is not possible to initiate a refund from a Dubsado invoice.

But, it is still important to record any refunds issued on your invoices!

If you do need to refund your client, follow the instructions specific to the payment processor that processed the payment:

NOTE: The links above are provided as a courtesy. Dubsado is not responsible for providing support related to your payment processor. Please reach out to the processor directly with any questions related to issuing a refund to your client.

After issuing the refund through your payment processor, the Dubsado invoice will need to be manually updated. Applying the refund takes just a few clicks!

  1. Open the invoice that you refunded.
  2. Click Apply and then Refund.
  3. Enter the date, type and amount of the refund issued. A description is optional, but recommended for your records.
  4. Click Apply and the refund will be recorded on the invoice.

Applying the refund will balance your transactions in Dubsado while ensuring the invoice is still marked as paid. You will find refunds listed under Reporting >> Transactions:

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