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Creating and managing task boards
Creating and managing task boards

How to create task boards for general business use and specific client projects.

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Updated Sep 5, 2023

Want to use a task board? Here’s how to create and manage one!

Create a new task board

To create a new task board:

  1. Go to Tasks in the main menu.

  2. Click on the Task Boards tab.

  3. Click Add Board. A popup will appear.

  4. Give your new board a name.

  5. Select a project if this board is for a specific project. If not, leave the dropdown blank. You'll be able to copy this board into a specific project later.

  6. Click Add to create the board. You’ll be automatically redirected to inside the task board.

  7. Click New Column to add your first column to the board.

  8. Type in a name then click the checkmark. The column will appear on your task board.

  9. Click the + button underneath your column to add a task.

  10. Type in a task and hit ENTER on your keyboard to save.

  11. Continue adding tasks and columns.

  12. Click on a task to edit it and add a due date, assignee, files, and comments.

You can also create a new task board directly within a project by going to the Tasks tab.

Manage task boards

Here are some tips for managing your task boards:

  • Open a task board any time by clicking on it under Tasks > Task Boards. From here, you can move, edit, and complete tasks and make any other changes you'd like to the board.

  • Tasks can be dragged and dropped between columns!

  • Tasks created on project boards will not be visible on the main Tasks page list or the task list within an individual project unless they have an assignee. If a task on a task board does not have an assignee, it will only be visible on the board itself.

  • From the Task Boards page, you can click View: General Boards to toggle your view between All Boards, General Boards (not tied to a project), and Project Boards. This allows you to access all of your boards in one place.

Delete a task board

To delete a task board:

  1. Go to Tasks.

  2. Click the Task Boards tab.

  3. Click on the dropdown arrow for the specific task board.

  4. Click Delete.

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