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What is a task board?
What is a task board?

Visually organize a complex todo list into multiple columns with a task board.

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Updated Sep 5, 2023

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Instead of creating all of your tasks in a single list, a task board allows you to group tasks together. Tasks within a task board can be further organized into columns so you can create a more visual layout. You can even create task board templates that can be copied into your projects to save time and stay consistent!

You can create task boards under Tasks > Tasks Boards > Add Board.

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Keep in mind that tasks in a task board wonโ€™t appear in your Dubsado task list on the main Dashboard unless you assign the task!

When to use task boards

A task board will come in handy when you need to manage a series of tasks all related to a common goal. You can use each column to represent a phase of work (and move tasks from one column to the next) or a category of tasks.

This could be for your business in general:

  • Company roadmap

  • Social media planning

  • New product/website launch

Or for a specific service you offer that requires you to follow the same steps with every client:

  • Photography/videography post-production checklist

  • Website launch procedure

  • Event preparation

Although individual tasks cannot be assigned to your clients, you can share a task board with your client using their client portal! This is a great way to collaborate with your client on their project and invite them to participate.

With a shared task board, both you and your client can see progress and check off tasks, upload a file to a specific task, or add comments to tasks.


Task boards vs workflows

Task boards are not automated and do not interact with workflows or Zapier.

Task boards are best suited to situations where you don't need automation and just want to check things off a list manually. Workflows can automatically generate individual tasks as part of a larger process. To help you decide which feature is best for your needs, here's a comparison:

Task boards

  • "I just want to check off tasks at my own pace."

  • Allow you to visually organize tasks into columns

  • Can be used outside of a specific project or inside a project

  • Require you to create each task manually

  • Allow you to set a due date on each task manually as you create it

  • Cannot automatically set task due dates or create tasks based on other events in the project (project start, contract signed, invoice paid, etc.)

  • Cannot send emails, forms, etc. to your client

  • Will not send any reminder emails or notifications to you

  • Can be shared with your client via the client portal, allowing clients to add comments, check off tasks, and upload files


  • "Once x happens I want y to happen."

  • Allow you to define a series of steps to be automated in a project

  • Cannot be used outside of a specific project

  • Can automatically generate individual tasks (not task boards or tasks on a task board)

  • Do not allow you to set a due date on automatically generated tasks (but you can add one manually to each task later)

  • Can automatically generate individual tasks based on other events in the project (project start, contract signed, invoice paid, etc.)

  • Designed to send emails, forms, etc. to your client automatically

  • Can send an email notification to you or an assigned multi-user when a task is generated

  • Cannot be shared with or made visible to your client

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