When video conferencing is added to your scheduler templates, it is NOT necessary to manually add conferencing to individual appointments.

However, this method will allow you to update upcoming appointments that were booked before you had video conferencing connected to your account.

To add video conferencing to an existing appointment:

  1. Open the appointment from the Calendar page or inside the Appointments tab of a project by clicking on it.

  2. Check the Add video conferencing option in the modal that appears.

  3. Click Save.

If the appointment was booked through a scheduler BEFORE you set up the video conferencing integration in your account, and the appointment date is in the future, the client will receive a confirmation email.

Warning: In all other cases, NO confirmation email will be sent. The client will NOT receive the meeting link. We do not recommend manually adding video conferencing to individual appointments except for in the case described above. When in doubt, set up a link directly through your conferencing service and manually send it to your client.

⚠️ Heads up! Be sure to add the Appointment Conferencing Link smart field to the default Appointment Confirmed email BEFORE updating any existing appointments. Otherwise the conferencing link will not appear in the email!

If you set a custom confirmation email on the scheduler used to book the appointment you're updating, update that canned email template instead.

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