If you marked a signature area on a contract or sub-agreement for you, the business owner to sign, you'll want to add your countersignature to complete the document for your client.

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Countersign a contract

To countersign a contract, click the down arrow next to the Contract header in the project sidebar and select Open. Then, scroll down to the signature area and type in your name and signature. That's it!

👋 Here's a tip... in the Recent section on the dashboard, you'll find a shortcut to a list of contracts that need your countersignature. This list does not include sub-agreements.

Countersign a sub-agreement

To countersign a sub-agreement, go to the Forms tab of the project and click View on the sub-agreement.

Then click the Open button in the preview modal that appears to open the sub-agreement in a new tab so that you can countersign it.


Will my client get a notification when I countersign a contract or sub-agreement?

No. The only time your client gets the automatic contract completed email is when they sign a contract. You are welcome to re-send the contract to the client after countersigning, though!

Can I countersign a contract before sending it to my client?

In most cases, yes! This is the best way to stay on top of contracts that need your signature, and it ensures the client receives a fully-signed copy of the contract in the contract completed email.

However, if the contract contains any required question fields, you will not be able to countersign until the client completes the required questions and signs first.

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