Countersign a contract or sub-agreement

Plus, tips for staying on top of documents that need your signature.

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Updated Aug 23, 2023

If you marked a signature area on a contract or sub-agreement for you as the business owner, you'll want to add your countersignature to complete the document for your client.

Countersign a contract

To countersign a contract:

  1. Go to Projects and select your client’s project.

  2. Next to Contract in the project sidebar, click the down arrow and select Open.

  3. Find the signature area and type in your name and signature.

You can also go to your Dubsado dashboard in the Recent section, where you'll find a shortcut to a list of contracts that need your countersignature. This list does not include sub-agreements.

Countersign a sub-agreement

To countersign a sub-agreement:

  1. Go to Projects and select your client’s project.

  2. Select the Forms tab.

  3. Hover over the sub-agreement and click View. A preview popup will appear.

  4. Click the Open button in the popup to open the sub-agreement in a new tab so that you can countersign it.


Will my client get a notification when I countersign a contract or sub-agreement?

Your client won't get a notification. The only time your client gets the automatic contract completed email is when they sign a contract.

Can I amend the contract after it is signed?

After a contract is signed by either you or the client, the contract can no longer be edited. This is to preserve the contract as a legally binding document so that one party does not attempt to change the contract without the other party's knowledge.

If you'd like to make any amendments after the contract has already been signed, we recommend creating a sub-agreement with the new amendments for your client to sign.

Can I amend my counter signature?

Since the entire contract locks and can no longer be edited after any signature is added, there isn’t a way to remove your e-signature from the contract. If you want to change your signature, you can either:

  1. Delete the contract and ask your client to resign the new contract.

  2. Add a sub-agreement form to amend the original contract.

Can I countersign a contract before sending it to my client?

In most cases, yes. However, you won’t be able to countersign before your client if:

  • The contract contains any required question fields. You're unable to countersign until the client completes the questions and signs first.

  • The contract contains invoice smart fields and is combined with a proposal. The contract locks after you countersign, so any package selections made after you sign won't appear on the contract. Wait until your client completes the proposal before you countersign.

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