Add signature and initial fields to your contract
Allow your clients to sign and initial Dubsado contracts and sub-agreements electronically!
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What makes contracts and sub-agreements different from the other templates in Dubsado is that you can add signature areas and initial fields. These elements can be signed electronically after you've shared the form with a client.

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Initials element

The initials element allows you to enter a statement for the client to electronically initial. Initials can only be completed by the client (not the business owner).

After adding the initials element to the form, click on it to edit the statement.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... the initials element can't be added to the middle of a text box element. If you need to have the client initial a section of a contract, write each section in its own text box so you can easily insert an initials element between sections.

Signature area element

The signature area element allows the document to be signed electronically. Add two signature areas so that both you and your client can sign!

You can choose whether a signature area is for you (the business owner) or your client to sign. Just click on the element and check or uncheck the box. The signature area text can also be adjusted here.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... add a text box element above each signature area to clearly show who is signing where.


Will the initials and signature areas be required for the client to complete?

Yes. The client will not be able to submit the contract or sub-agreement until they have initialed and signed all fields. The exception is any signature areas that you have marked for you, the business owner, to sign.

Am I required to add a signature area to my contracts and sub-agreements?

We strongly recommend it! We'll still let you save the form if you don't, but we recommend having at least one signature field for the client to sign.

Can I have two clients sign the same contract?

Unfortunately our contracts only support a single signer at this time. If you need an additional client to sign the same contract, we recommend making a copy as a sub-agreement, adding it to the same project, and sending it to the email of the other party that needs to sign.

Can I change the appearance of the signature or have my client write in their own handwriting?

Not at this time. Even though the signature is not in your client's handwriting, typed digital signatures are still considered as legally enforceable as traditional signatures in many countries.

What if my clients couldn't or didn't sign electronically?

No worries! Just scan the contract with the signature and save it as a PDF on your computer. You'll be able to upload it to the project as a signed copy.

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