When you send a form via email, it will be automatically added to the client portal as well. But, if you are sending lots of forms and don't want to bombard your clients with emails, you can apply those forms straight to the client portal without sending an email for each one!

Here's how to add a form directly to the client portal:

  1. Open the project where you'd like to send the form.

  2. Go to the Forms tab.

  3. Select the form template you'd like to send from the Add new form dropdown.

  4. In the preview modal that appears, click the dropdown arrow next to Add and choose Add to Portal.

That's it! No email was sent to the client, but the form will now be available in their client portal as indicated by the Sent badge.

If you've previously added a form to the project and would like to add it to the portal, roll over the form in the Forms tab and click Apply to Portal.

👋Here's a tip... since your client will not get an email when a form is added to the portal alone, remember to send them an email reminding them to check their client portal after you have finished adding forms!


I see a sent badge on the form I applied to the portal. Does that mean an email was sent to the client?

No. If you clicked "Apply to Portal" the form will have a Sent badge, but no email was sent to the client. You can double check this by going to the Emails tab of the project, since any email sent will show up in the inbox.

Do I have to use the client portal?

No, you do not! The client portal is completely optional and just provides a place for your client to log in and see what you've sent them so far. Sending a form via email will allow the client to access that form directly from the link without going through the portal (unless you've made the form private).

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