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Organize projects

Customize the Projects page to organize your work.

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Updated Aug 29, 2023

The Projects page is where you'll spend the majority of your time working with clients once you're set up in Dubsado. This article will help you navigate the page and customize it.

Projects page overview

  1. Projects: Click on any project to open it. To sort, click on the arrows next to the column heading.

  2. Project tags: Organize projects by one or more categories. Roll over a colored dot to see the name of the project tag.

  3. Project statuses: Organize projects by phase.

  4. Bulk actions: Select projects using the checkboxes and use this dropdown to archive, delete, or update the project status of many projects at once.

  5. Filter: Further narrow down the projects you see by applying a filter.

  6. New Project: Click this button to manually create a new project.

  7. Export: Export a CSV file with information on the projects currently visible.

  8. Customize: Add custom statuses and tags here. You can also customize which columns of project information you'd like to be shown.

Project tags

Project tags organize your projects by category, similar to hashtags. You can apply one or more tags to a project from the project sidebar.

Project statuses

Project statuses organize your projects by phases or milestones of working together. Click on a status to see a filtered list of the projects with that particular status only.

Statuses are categorized into Leads, Jobs, Combined, and Archived:

  • Leads: Projects that are still in the initial stages of inquiring and booking with you. A project is usually considered a lead until you have a signed contract or a payment.

  • Jobs: Projects that you considered to be booked.

  • Combined: See all projects with any status.

  • Archived: Cold leads or past jobs that you no longer want in one of the other categories. Learn more about archiving projects.

Filter projects

Within any status, you can click on the Filter button to further narrow down which projects you see.


By clicking Customize, you can further customize the Projects page.

In the Project Status section, you can add new statuses. Check the box for any status to make it the default view whenever you open the Projects page.

In the Columns section, you can customize how you view your projects.

  1. Click Edit Column.

  2. Check or uncheck columns based on your preferences.

  3. Select a default sorting view.

  4. Click Save.

In the Tags section, you can add new tags.

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