Hey you night owls!  This is a perfect feature for you.  You now have ALL the freedom to work as late as you'd like without clients questioning the hour you are sending these emails at...  Because now you can set those emails to send...but just later.

You have 3 immediate options.  

Later: which is 3 hours from that moment you click it.

9am: which is at well...9am.  It will let you know about how many hours it is from now as well.

Next Week: which is 7 days from that moment you send.  Say at 6pm you set it to send 7 days from now...it will send in 7 days at 6pm.

These are not the only options you have.  If you want to schedule it to be a more specific time to your needs at that time, click one of those options.  Then head to workflows in that job or lead you are in and edit that time to your liking!

Hope you enjoy this feature! 

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