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Connect with Dubsado Payments
Connect with Dubsado Payments
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Updated April 24, 2024

If you connect to an existing Stripe account when setting up Dubsado Payments, a new Stripe Dashboard will be created and will be accessible using your original login credentials. Don't worry, this is normal!

Click your business name in the top left corner of your Stripe page to see a list of your Stripe Dashboards and toggle between them at any time.

When a client pays an invoice, we recommend collecting the payment using Dubsado Payments as your main payment processor.

Dubsado Payments is powered by Stripe, meaning that your payments are protected by Stripe’s security practices and compliance regulations. At the same time, our Dubsado Customer Care team is available to you if you need assistance.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete onboarding and start getting paid.

👋 Here’s a tip… If you are currently connected to Stripe in Dubsado, please see our help articles on switching from Stripe.

Step 1: Initiate connecting to Dubsado Payments

The first step to set up Dubsado Payments is to initiate the connection between Stripe and Dubsado.

To connect to Dubsado Payments from Dubsado:

  1. Go to Settings > Payments and invoices.

  2. Click Get started on Dubsado Payments.

    screenshot of dubsado payments powered by stripe

You’ll be redirected to a new tab to complete Stripe’s onboarding process.

👋 Here’s a tip… If you are already connected to Square, you don’t need to disconnect Square until you’ve finished setting up Dubsado Payments. You’ll be prompted when it’s time to disconnect.

Step 2: Follow Stripe’s onboarding prompts

The new tab that appears is Stripe’s onboarding prompts, leading you to create a Stripe account or log in if you have one already. We highly recommend completing onboarding in one sitting.

Stripe’s onboarding leads you through one continuous flow, but this article breaks it down into the following main sections:

Create or log in to a Stripe account

The onboarding process starts with prompting you to create a new Stripe account or log in to your current one.

To create a new Stripe account account:

  1. Type in an email address you want to use for your Stripe account.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Create a new password.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Type in a phone number.

  6. Click Send Text. Stripe will send a verification code to your phone number.

  7. Enter the verification code.

After you enter the verification code, your account is created! You’ll be shown a screen with an emergency code so you can still access your Stripe account if you lose your phone.

screenshot of emergency backup code

Enter your personal and business information

After you create a Stripe account, onboarding continues with putting in your business information.

👋 Here’s a tip… Please fill out all fields or you will run into error messages at the end.

Business location and type of business

screenshot of stripe onboarding

For your business location, this automatically fills based on what you typed in Dubsado when you entered your country and currency.

The options for your type of business are either Individual or Company. For more information on which to select, see either Stripe’s article or our help article on business types.

Personal details

Enter your full name, email, date of birth, home address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number (if prompted).

Website and product description

Under Your website, type in your website or a social media profile. Please note that Stripe requires that you enter a website or social media profile — if your business is new, we recommend creating a professional social media profile.

Under Product description, you’ll want to write a description of your business. Some recommendations of information you can include are:

  • Exact details of your product or service

  • Average delivery times of your product or service

  • How long you tend to work with clients

  • Any return, refund, or cancelation policies

Heads up! Make sure your product description clearly describes what your business does. Stripe evaluates this section when reviewing your business.

Link a bank account to Stripe

The next section involves adding a bank account where you’d like your funds deposited. All payments stay in your Stripe account until funds are transferred to your bank account.

If your business location is in the United States, you can either:

  • Select your bank from the provided list and follow the prompts to log in to your bank account.

  • Click Enter bank details manually instead. You’ll need your routing and account number.

Create public details for clients

Finally, you will need to set up how your bank statements look to clients and how your clients can contact you.

Statement descriptor and shortened descriptor

The Statement descriptor is how you want all charges to appear on your client’s card statement.

The Shortened descriptor is how charges will appear if you add descriptors that change depending on the transaction. For example:

  • Charis Dub * Wedding

  • Charis Dub * Engagement

  • Charis Dub * Portrait

👋 Here’s a tip… You can always manage or change how clients see charges from you after you finish onboarding with Stripe.

Customer support phone number and address

The phone number and address you enter here will be visible to clients on Stripe’s client-facing documents, such as Stripe invoices or receipts.

If you don’t want clients to know your personal phone number, we recommend getting a business phone number using a service like Google Voice.

Entering a physical address is a legal requirement that Stripe must comply with in order to process payments. Please enter a valid physical address, as Stripe cannot accept a PO box.

Review all details

A screen will appear for you to review all information provided. Anything missing will appear as an error for you to fix.

After you submit your information, you’ll be redirected automatically back to Dubsado.

Step 3: Connect to Dubsado Payments

After submission, you’re automatically redirected back to the Settings > Payments and invoices page in Dubsado.

If Dubsado Payments says Connected, then you’re connected to Dubsado Payments, and no additional action is needed! You can start accepting payments from clients.

However, you may see Pending verification or Action required in your Dubsado account.

Pending verification

Pending verification means that Stripe is doing an internal review of your account. There is no action for you to take at this time.

Action required

Action required means that Stripe has reviewed your account and needs additional information from you before they can approve your account. Please go directly to your Stripe Dashboard to see what information Stripe is requesting.

Connect to Dubsado Payments and disconnect from Square

If you are connected to Square in Dubsado, Dubsado Payments will show Ready to connect. This is to ensure that you have control over when you disconnect Square.

When you are ready to disconnect Square and connect to Dubsado Payments, click Connect.

Heads up! By disconnecting Square, all active autopay enrollments will stop and your clients will be notified.


Can I connect with PayPal?

Yes! You can connect both PayPal and Dubsado Payments so your clients have multiple ways to pay you.

Can I also connect to Square?

If you’re connected to Dubsado Payments, you can’t also connect with Square. You can only connect to either Dubsado Payments or Square as your payment processor.

Is Dubsado Payments available in my country?

Currently, Dubsado payments is supported for users in 38 countries. You can check our supported countries and currencies to see if your country is listed. If your country isn't listed, then Dubsado Payments isn't supported for your country at this time. Additional countries may be supported in the future!

What if my business information changes?

If anything changes to your business information after submission, you can edit it from your Stripe Dashboard.

Is my client's credit card information stored in Dubsado?

There is no credit card information stored in Dubsado. All credit card information and funds are securely stored in Stripe.

How will Dubsado Payments affect my open invoices?

Open invoices will not be affected. You can continue to use Square until you're fully onboarded and ready to connect to Dubsado Payments. If you're switching from our Legacy Stripe connection to Dubsado Payments, our automatic upgrade or migration process won't affect your open invoices either.

Can I connect Dubsado Payments to multiple Dubsado brands?

You can connect Dubsado Payments to multiple brands using the same Stripe email address. Each brand will have its own separate Stripe Dashboard. You can view the different brands by clicking your logo in Stripe.

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