The PROJECTS page is where you’ll spend the majority of your time working with clients once you’re set up in Dubsado.

You’ll see important info, like the client’s name, project date, and the status of invoices and contracts, here at a glance. Click on any project to open it up!


Project Statuses

Across the top, you’ll see you’ll see your project statuses and how many projects are in each status. Statuses are categorized into Leads, Jobs, and Archived:

  • Leads: Projects where the client is still in the initial stages of booking with you. Generally, a project is considered a lead until they have signed your contract or paid.
  • Jobs: Projects that are considered to be confirmed as booked.
  • Archived: Any cold leads or past jobs that you no longer want in one of the other categories.

Quickly change a project’s status right from the Projects page using the dropdown under the Status column.

You can add custom Lead and Job statuses by going to the Customize screen! Learn more about statuses here.


Sorting Projects

Click on a status to view all of the projects in that status. You can then sort your projects by clicking on any column header with the arrow symbol.

If you would like to control which columns are visible, you can do so from the Customize screen. Just click Edit Column and check any you’d like to see.


Filtering Projects

Within any status, you can click on the Filter button to further narrow down your projects. You can filter by:

  • Project Title
  • Tags
  • Assigned Teams or Multi-Users

Tags are a really powerful way to filter your projects, since you can filter by more than one tag. For example, you could find all the web design projects you did in 2018 if you have a “Web Design” tag and a “2018” tag. Learn more about tags here.

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