Task Boards are Kanban style boards that allow you to stay on task with your projects, personal life, blog calendar, etc...

Task boards are not automated in any way, and this is on purpose.  These boards are meant to be your brain dump, your way to stay on task, your skeleton for projects and life.  If you want things done automatically for you workflow will be your best friend. 


You can create task board in TASKS >> BOARDS or you can do so within a job or a lead under TASKS there.  

These task boards are in a column format.  You have columns with "cards" under them.  Create your columns, then click the little + sign under them and start typing in your tasks and ENTER to save it. 

To further add things to your task such as files or comments, CLICK into that task and a pop up with more options will appear.  

If you create a task board in TASKS >> BOARDS and don't apply it to a job, these will be considered templates that you can easy apply/copy to jobs and leads.  So let's say you create a Task Board for your "Website Design" clients.  Each job has the same bones and skeleton of how you structure them so you can create a board template for them in TASKS.  Once you create that template, head into a job or lead and in tasks there add the template board:

Now this board is copied to this job and it will be specific for this client :)  You can apply this board template to any job or lead. 

Keep in mind, these Task Boards are not only for applying to jobs or leads.  If you want to keep on track with things at home or school, you can keep those tasks in the general TASK >> BOARDS and work from there.  

The possibilities are endless with these boards.  You can have boards for:

  • Launch week
  • Blog Calendars
  • Company Roadmaps
  • Weekly schedules
  • Meal Plans
  • Home Chores
  • etc...

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