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Dubsado email integration basics
Dubsado email integration basics

Connect your email account with Dubsado to send outgoing emails from your own email address and see client replies inside your projects.

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Updated Nov 3, 2022

Connecting an email account to Dubsado will send outgoing emails from your own email address and help you keep a record of communication with your client inside each project. It's one of the first things we recommend that you do when you set up a new Dubsado account!

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Verify your login email

When you first sign up for Dubsado, you will see a gray bar at the top of your screen. It will stay until you verify your email address.

screenshot of the gray bar at the top of the screen

Heads up! You can’t send any emails through Dubsado until you verify your email address.

Change your login email

You can change your login email by going to Settings >> Login settings and changing the email address listed. Don’t forget to click Save changes!

login page with arrow pointing to email address

Connect your email account

Connecting an email address allows you to send and receive emails to your clients through Dubsado.

How to connect your email address

Keep in mind, you cannot connect an alias email address to Dubsado. If your email address doesn't have its own password, it can't be connected.

To connect your email account to Dubsado, head to Settings >> Emails.

screenshot with arrows pointing to the different ways to connect email

Based on the type of email account you have, choose a connection method:

  • Sign in with Google: Click the blue Sign in with Google button if you access your email by signing in through Google. This will work for email accounts, as well as custom domain emails set up for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

  • Sign in with Microsoft: Click the white Sign in with Microsoft button if you access your email by signing in through the cloud version of Outlook including Microsoft Office 365 offered by GoDaddy.

  • Use SMTP: Click the Use SMTP link if you have any other type of email account. We have presets available for some popular email providers as well as an "Other" option for manual configuration.

👋 Here's a tip... Your connected email address does not have to match the email address you use to log in to Dubsado.

Email limits

Without a connected email address, you can only send 3 emails every 24 hours through Dubsado. Connect an email address to send as many emails as you like!

Can I connect multiple email addresses?

At this time, you can only connect one email address per brand. Additional users will be unable to connect their own email accounts.

👋 Here's a tip... We recommend using an email address that your whole team has access to.

Outgoing email

After you connect an email account, anything you send out from Dubsado will actually be sent from your email address.

screenshot of example outgoing email draft

Until you connect an email account, any emails you send to your clients from Dubsado will come from These emails are more likely to end up in your client’s spam folder because they don't appear to come from you.

👋 Here's a tip... Create email templates to save time on emails that you frequently send.

Send emails to both primary and alternate contacts

An automated email sent through a workflow will only be emailed to the primary contact. Dubsado cannot send automated emails to multiple email addresses at this time.

To send an email out to multiple email addresses, send out your email manually. Any alternate email addresses associated with the primary email are automatically CC’d.

Turn on read receipts

Dubsado tracks when a client opens your email! Go to Settings >> Email >> Tracking Pixel to ensure this is turned on.

Read receipts may not be accurate depending on your email application’s privacy policy and settings.

tooltip saying that tracking pixel may not work

To see when the client last opened your email, go to your email inbox within the project from the Projects page. If your client opened the email, you will see a Last Viewed timestamp.

arrow pointing to last viewed

Heads up! If you BCC yourself in outgoing emails and open the email outside of Dubsado, Dubsado will mark the email as being read by the client.

BCC yourself on outgoing emails

You'll receive a copy of every outgoing email in your inbox. Turn this on or off under Settings >> Login settings.

Can I send out a mass email or newsletter to clients?

No, Dubsado does not replace your email marketing platform. Dubsado is designed for one-on-one communication between you and each of your clients. You can explore alternative automation with Zapier to send client information over to your email marketing software each time a new project is created in Dubsado.

Incoming client replies

When a client replies to an email sent out from Dubsado, their response will land in both your regular email inbox and the Dubsado project.

screenshot of Dubsado inbox

Can I assign emails to a specific project?

Any emails from clients saved in your Address Book will appear in your Dubsado inbox.

You can assign emails to projects as needed. However, once an email gets assigned to a project, it can't be unassigned or moved to a different project.

Can I reply to client emails from my regular inbox?

You can, but your reply won't be logged in Dubsado. If you'd like a full record of the conversation with your client in Dubsado, always reply to your client's emails inside Dubsado.

Email flowchart

This flowchart summarizes where outgoing and incoming emails go when you connect your email to Dubsado:

flowchart of email integration with Dubsado
  1. Outgoing emails are sent from Dubsado using your email address. They are delivered to your client's inbox and a copy is saved in the sent folder of your email account.

  2. Client replies will go to both Dubsado and your regular email inbox.

👋 Heads up! If you connected your email to Dubsado via SMTP, you may not see a copy of your outgoing emails saved in your email sent folder outside of Dubsado.

Import outside client emails

You cannot manually import or forward emails into Dubsado. A client must reply to an email thread that originated from Dubsado for that reply to appear in Dubsado.

Client lists

If you are on a paid plan, you can bulk import a client list.

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