Connecting an email account to Dubsado will send outgoing emails from your own email address and help you keep a record of communication with your client inside each project. It's one of the first things we recommend that you do when you set up a new Dubsado account!

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Outgoing email

Until you connect an email account, any emails you send to your clients from Dubsado will come from a generic Dubsado email address. These emails are more likely to end up in your clients' spam folders because they don't appear to come from you.

Connecting your email account allows Dubsado to piggy back onto your email address. Anything you send out from Dubsado will actually be sent from your email address. This includes emails you send manually and automated emails (workflow emails, appointment reminders, payment reminders, etc.).

⚠️ Heads up! At this time, we only allow one email account to be connected per brand. Additional multi-users on your brand will not be able to connect their own email accounts.

Incoming client replies

Connecting your email to Dubsado also brings in replies from clients so that you have a full record of communication inside each project.

When a client replies to an email sent out from Dubsado, their response will land in both your regular email inbox and the Dubsado project. Additionally, Dubsado can catch any emails from clients saved in your address book in the Dubsado Inbox so that you can assign them to projects as needed.

👋 Here's a tip... this feature isn't meant to replace your email account, since only Dubsado-related emails will be visible in Dubsado. You can continue to use your email as normal, but you must reply to clients' emails through Dubsado if you want to see all the replies saved in Dubsado.

Email flowchart

This flowchart summarizes where outgoing and incoming emails go when you connect your email to Dubsado:

  1. Outgoing emails are sent from Dubsado using your email address. They are delivered to your client's inbox and a copy is saved in the sent folder of your email account.

  2. Client replies will go to both Dubsado and your regular email inbox.

👋 Heads up! If you connected your email to Dubsado via SMTP, you may not see a copy of your outgoing emails saved in your email sent folder outside of Dubsado.

Connect your email account

To connect your email account to Dubsado, head to Settings >> Emails. Based on the type of email account you have, choose a connection method:

  • Sign in with Google: Click the blue Sign in with Google button if you access your email by signing in through Google. This will work for email accounts, as well as custom domain emails set up for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

  • Sign in with Microsoft: Click the white Sign in with Microsoft button if you access your email by signing in through the cloud version of Outlook including Microsoft Office 365 offered by GoDaddy.

  • Use SMTP: Click the Use SMTP link if you have any other type of email account. We have presets available for some popular email providers as well as an "Other" option for manual configuration.

👋 Here's a tip... click on one of the connection methods above for step-by-step instructions!


Can I reply to client emails from my regular inbox?

You can, but your reply won't be logged in Dubsado and the chain will be broken. If you'd like a full record of conversation with your client in Dubsado, always reply to your client's emails inside Dubsado.

Can I see when a client opened my email?

Yes! As long as you haven't turned off the Tracking Pixel setting under Settings >> Emails, we are able to track when your client opens the email. You can see when the client last looked at an email by opening it up in the project inbox and looking for the Last Viewed timestamp.

Is there a way to BCC myself on every email I send?

Yes! This can be turned on under Settings >> Login Settings. You'll receive a copy of every outgoing email in your inbox. Just remember that if you open it outside of Dubsado, Dubsado marks the email as read by the client.

Can I manually import emails into Dubsado?

Emails cannot be forwarded or imported manually into Dubsado. Only direct replies to emails sent out from your brand and emails sent to your connected email address from clients in your address book will be brought into Dubsado.

Can I connect an alias email address instead of my primary email address?

No, it's not possible to connect an alias email to Dubsado. The email you connect must be the primary email address associated with your email account. If an email address doesn't have its own password, it can't be connected.

Can I send out a mass email/newsletter to clients? Can Dubsado replace my email marketing platform?

No, Dubsado does not replace your email marketing platform. Dubsado is designed for one-on-one communication between you and each of your clients. You can explore automations with Zapier to send client information over to your email marketing software each time a new project is created in Dubsado, depending on your needs.

Can I connect more than one email account to send emails from different email addresses? Can multi-users on my brand have their own connected email addresses?

Only one email address can be connected per brand. We recommend using an email address that your whole team has access to! We look forward to adding this feature in the future, but we don't have an estimated timeline just yet.

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